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A healthy colon protects the next generation brain

That a healthy colon for every person of immense importance, which we have already reported more often. That its importance goes far beyond their own health, a recent animal study, which looks at how sterility in mice effects.

Healthy colonIt turns out that the healthy development of mouse embryos dependent on a intact bacterial flora in the gut of the dam. The blood-brain barrier is an important “bulwark” of the brain. She is responsible for ensuring that harmful substances or pathogens that are circulating in the body, can’t penetrate into the brain. In healthy people, this protective mechanism is a nearly fully dense layer of cells in the blood vessels of the brain reached (so-called “tight junctions”).

Thus nutrients and other important for brain function substances can still reach the brain. The cells form respective “pores” that strictly control what may there get inside. In the development of people (and animals), the blood-brain barrier is formed relatively early. This is important because this defense is a prerequisite for normal brain development.

In the aforementioned study, the development of blood-brain barrier in mice was aseptic and examined without an intact intestinal flora . For getting the animals administered a dye that an intact blood-brain barrier can not happen. Had the mother during pregnancy not bacteria in the gut, the dye was found in the brains of young mice. It lacked in the development of an intact blood-brain barrier. Grew the young mice continue without an intact intestinal flora, remained the state obtained and a blood-brain barrier is not trained to. However, when the young, germ-free mice inoculated intestinal flora, so developed later a blood-brain barrier.

It is unclear to what extent the observed effects can be applied to the situation in humans. However, since all land vertebrates forming such a barrier to protect their brains, parallels cannot be excluded. Here more research is important. The study shows, that the meaning of the bacteria in the intestine is still enormously underestimated.

But now pregnant women shouldn’t worry , if your baby may come without the necessary protection for his brain to the world, that is not to be expected since no one lives in a germ-free environment. However, the results indicate that it is important in the run-up to a Pregnancy to regular bowel movements to respect and to be examined to the effect digestive problems.

What is undeniable is that medical science has not arrived to investigate the intestinal flora for a long time at the end of their results. Also we don’t yet know all the effects and meanings of bacterial colonization for our health.

Now through this current study animated we can offer enhanced intestinal regeneration especially young women of childbearing age in our new Department of Biological gynecology.