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“The new herbal medicine for women”: 50 important plants that every woman should know

Posted by on May 25, 2017 in Beauty | 0 comments

Women have different ideas about health than men. They rely more on the forces of nature and gentle medicinal plants than on synthetic drugs – and not just when it comes to typical female complaints. But as the herbal remedies act accurately and in what dosage to apply them? 50 important medicinal plants for women perceptively and portrayed detail. The focus is on prevention, treatment and cure of diseases and ailments suffered by women of all ages especially frequently in different stages of life. The authors take a holistic approach, the women in the context of their personalities and life circumstances looks. You do not want to send away with a pill or get rid of your problems with surgery, for example of the uterus, because is heavy bleeding disorders, but women want to find the causes of their...

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Relationship between a disturbed intestinal flora and mental disorders in children

Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Beauty | 0 comments

There is a strong link between an abnormal gut flora and disorders of psychological development of the brain in children. The research an investigation the interactions between the gut and the brain have led to the conclusion that the bacterial intestinal damage are the result of a poorly developed or unbalanced gut flora. This may lead, under certain circumstances, to a variety of mental disorders such as, Inter Alia, Autism, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In the gut flora of autistic children, the Sutterella bacteria was detected. According to research by Dr. Campbell, autistic children are born with normal brain and sensory organs in the world but once their digestive system comes with toxic substances instead of a healthy food source, they begin to develop autistic symptoms. This theory fits well in the...

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99% of breast cancer tissue samples containing these everyday chemicals

Posted by on May 7, 2017 in Beauty | 0 comments

High concentrations of parabens were found in the upper chest and armpit areas in recent studies: where antiperspirants are usually applied. Paraben esters were collected in 99 percent of tissue samples from mastectomies. In 60 percent of the samples every five paraben esters were present. In today’s post you know more about parabens in terms of breast cancer risk. Overall, the topical application of personal care products and it contains parabens (ester) appear the greatest source of exposure to these estrogen-mimicking chemicals to be, of more than the risk of aluminum goes in antiperspirants. Definition: parabens. Parabens are chemicals that are used as a preservative in cosmetics and many antiperspirants and sunscreens. Previous studies have shown that all parabens are responsible for the estrogenic activity in human breast cancer cells. Another component of antiperspirants, aluminum chloride, operates similarly and...

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Skin care in Spring

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Beauty | 0 comments

When the days are getting longer again and spring is coming, not just the House calls for a spring cleaning. The skin is strained by the long winter months with the constant switching between warm, dry heating air and cold outside temperatures and requires a very special care program. Most of them are mainly fat and moisture, the skin especially loses during the long winter months. However, neck and décolleté are of turtlenecks and scarf wearing and later constantly parched. Here help refatting and moisturizing creams or treat yourself to a homemade facial mask, for example, cottage cheese and banana. Here, the Quark donates the needed moisture and the mild acidity of banana for exfoliate the top layer of skin. After 15 minutes you can examine the astonishing result: Your skin is clear and totally looks well cared. Of...

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But what exactly is a sun allergy?

Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Long days and plenty of sunlight: for most people, the dream of summer, but for some, a nightmare. Man with a sun allergy suffer after the first few days in the intensive spring sun itching, pimples or hives on the skin. But what is it exactly – a sun allergy? In principle, various diseases are summarized under the term of the sun allergy. In addition to the polymorphic light eruption these include Mallorca acne and photo-allergic reactions. However this is not always is a true allergy. So guess physician in polymorphic light eruption most frequently occurring because of a genetic hypersensitivity reaction of the skin to UV radiation. Already after the first sun occur symptoms of redness, hives or nodules , but which will disappear after a familiarization phase. The so-called Mallorca acne occurs, however, only by the interaction...

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Individual help in case of dandruff

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Although dandruff rarely is the result of lack of hair care, they are perceived by most people as unhygienic. There is no necessary in serious efforts in treatment skin disorder, dandruff can often using simple care tips to get a grip. The skin renews itself for a lifetime at regular intervals, the top layer of skin is removed in the form of tiny flakes of skin. Under normal circumstances, these particles are so small that the human eye cannot perceive their. Dandruff we can see because they are conglomerates of many particles. Produced by scalp too much sebum, this can clog the tiny flakes of skin, making them particularly visible on dark clothing as white dots. Often these excessive skin reaction is accompanied by a particularly unpleasant for those affected itching. Depending on the cause of the increased formation...

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