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A healthy scalp and beautiful hair for physical well-being

Itchy scalp can be very uncomfortable. Especially if despite thorough hair and body care the constant itching for pesky evil is. It is therefore particularly important to pay attention to the proper care of the scalp.

Beautiful hairThe scalp is just as sensitive as all other regions of the skin of the body. The skin is the largest sensory organ and so the scalp of sensory perception plays a major role. It surrounds protecting the head, even regulates the water balance of the body and also by narrowing or widening the blood vessels in the position to regulate body temperature. The scalp is like the rest of the skin consisting of several layers. In addition to the hair roots nerves and immune cells are present in the scalp. Therefore, it makes sense to protect the head during the cold season and not go outside with wet hair. Furthermore, sebaceous and sweat glands provide a balanced composition of the head surface and sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands daily, brought shiny and smooth hair.

If the scalp reacts with itching.

An itchy scalp can have many causes. Longer-lasting internal disturbances triggered by stress, mental stress, such as grief, fears or worries are negative energies capable of upsetting the functioning balance in the skin. Triggered by the nervous itching leads to constant scratching, which in turn can lead to skin damage. But apart from the internal triggers, there are of course a number of external factors that can lead to permanent itching of the scalp. Allergies, skin diseases and infestations of pests such as head lice, mites or fleas can also be responsible for the annoying itch. In some cases, you should definitely get this help and advice from the skin doctor or the pharmacy.

How to prevent an itchy scalp?

Prevention is better than itching and scratching. Provided there is no skin disease that requires medical treatment, you should heed some advice. Washing your hair too often and choose a gentle shampoo. Too frequent hair washing will dry out the scalp and can lead to irritation. The scalp biases, tends to dandruff and starts to itch. Use hair spray and hair gel sparingly and remove thoroughly in the next wash the remains of chemical additives. Dry your hair with a hair dryer? Turn the temperature of the blow dryer a step down and be careful not to overcook expose the scalp to the hot blower. Protect in the cold and wet season head and hair with appropriate headgear your scalp and your immune system will thank you.  Make beautiful hair with using   this few simple tips.