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Allergic Asthma – disease with no way out? NO!

Since it is suddenly back: The air is scarce and seemingly with every breath scarce … breathe – breathe – breathe. Necessarily stay calm now. Where’s the cortisone spray? Quick! One spray … Only slowly and it gets better, the air comes online again. “Must this really be always so? Is not there a better solution than the cortisol Spray for emergencies? “- Yes, there is! In the form of mitochondrial medicine, which not only suppresses the symptoms with medication, but the multiple causes and attaches this eliminated as far as possible.Allergic asthma

Why are so important for healthy mitochondria respiratory?

“Mitochondria? What is that? Cells? What does my asthma to do with my cell? My lungs will not work if things are in the air that I can not stand. That’s the reason! “- So think many sufferers, but that’s not true It’s not that.” Stuff “that white through the air. If that were the case, then everyone have asthma. But there are “only” 5% of adults and up to 10% of children who have to suffer from shortness of breath. And it is not at all asthmatics same trigger, yet another reason why it can not be due to the “things”.

It is therefore the individual’s body, he has any conditions that, therefore makes the mucous membranes, the bronchi and the lungs the entire respiratory tract sensitive to the substances from the air. And respiratory tract, as the whole body, made up of cells. Ultimately it is these cells that are sensitive. you would not be there, lung and bronchus were healthy and there was no asthma! On the sensitive cells, it is also that the number of triggers usually expands during the course of the disease. The cells are always sensitive, those affected often no longer know what things it is best to avoid it and live in constant fear of the next attack. And coming determines if the cells are not treated.

Mitochondrial Medicine stabilizes the cells against Asthma.

What can do for you so its cells to stabilize them so that they are again stronger and more resistant? The mitochondrial medicine knows a good way! You can ensure that the sensitive areas can stabilize. The does this new form of medicine by:

  • Search for exceptional costs of cells and eliminate them.
  • Support cells is that they can do their job for the body back right.

And here the mitochondria come into play!

Mitochondria, which are many small, usually oval particles in the cell, they could also be regarded as “organs” of the cell body. The science does well and calls them therefore “cell organelle”. And as for our bodies every organ has a specific function, the mitochondria have to supply the cell with energy, so this cell organelle are also often referred to as the “power plants of the cells”.

If one were to compare the cells and their mitochondria with the people and its institutions, so one could say that the mitochondria, the lungs of the cells. For just as the lung breathing oxygen for the body, the mitochondria in the cell need oxygen to worry about the “internal respiration” for energy. And who knows better than an asthmatic what it means when the oxygen is running out!

Who has an acute attack, the first device in severe stress and tried by all means, of course, finally back for more air – and more oxygen – to care. If this is business, then one feels in retrospect, as a force and you will be energized by the air shortage! The same also occurs within each cell. But since it is not only the lack of oxygen. There come together many things that cause the “Mitos” can not produce enough energy:

Poisons, there are many in the modern world.

Poisons can enter the mitochondria and its structure cause havoc that the “internal respiration” can not run well. Such toxins can be, for example heavy metals, which every human being is subjected unfortunately.

The heavy metals come from in mitochondria:

  • Industrial waste gases
  • Car exhaust
  • Sental fillings
  • Smoking
  • Special hobbies such as Soldering and many other things.

Other poisons for the cells are for example:

  • Substances that dissolve out of plastic
  • Colorings, flavorings and preservatives in food
  • Fumes from furniture, wallpapers and after renovations
  • Cleaner
  • Drugs and still much more.

Indeed, the human body is setup on poisons. It can detoxify and does every day. But it might just be too many poisons that start pouring over the years on the body and accumulate in it. And on top of that the ability to detoxify some people is not particularly remarkable. Especially they are thus at high risk of developing diseases such as asthma, because their vital mitochondria are at risk. These people must be helped with detoxify. And that is exactly what the mitochondrial medicine!

Mitochondrial Medicine conducts heavy metals out of the body and provides targeted support in the detoxification, so that the burdensome toxins leave the body and cause the cells can no longer be damage.

Drugs are sometimes necessary, but limit the damage!

Even drugs are poisons, but unfortunately a lot of people can not manage without the help of such drugs. Asthmatics need in the acute attack necessarily corticosteroids, so that they can continue to breathe. These drugs are low doses usually taken as a long-term medication. But they have significant long-term side effects. Based in part that the body with all its cells and their mitochondria certain nutrients are taken away, although they need this urgently for their functioning. Conventional medicine does not proceed to such side effects. But mitochondrial medicine does! Through their medication asthmatics are particularly vulnerable to a lack of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D to develop.

And mitochondrial medicine does even more! They are the asthma patients additional nutrients the proven beneficial effect on the disease, so that the dose of medication can be lowered after some time. Well-known examples are selenium and omega-3 fatty acid , but there are still many other micronutrients and phytotherapy, which can specifically help with asthma, knows the Mitochondrial Medicine and administered it!

Infections can have repercussions.

Harmless running and serious infections can have serious consequences far than you think after suffering through the first acute phase. That such may indirectly be a trigger for asthma by littenen diseases, few doctors are known. But it’s true: Some pathogens (bacteria, viruses or parasites) can prepare the body’s cells to still massive difficulties even after the first decay of the infection. The most common example is the most tick-borne Lyme disease. But there is far more problematic pathogens such as:

  • The Epstein-Barr virus (glandular fever)
  • Coxsackie Virus (flu/meningitis, etc.)
  • Herpes Virus (blisters on the lips, genitals and elsewhere on the skin, shingles, etc.)
  • Chlamydia (bacteria, diseases of the mucous membranes, chronic cough, etc.)
  • And also so widespread stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori (stomach pain, gastritis, gastric ulceration).

These pathogens can cause permanent problems for many other cells and organs in the body, since they remain after resolution of acute infection often encapsulated or on other types hidden in the body. Through these hidden viruses or bacteria new relapses can on the one hand repeatedly occur (especially borreliosis). On the other hand they ensure that the immune system is constantly set to alarm. It can make the hidden pathogens not nailed down and exterminate, but these pathogens dissolve in the body inflammation.

One consequence of this inflammation is many so-called free radicals, destructive little particles everywhere, attack other substances – and they do not only in bacteria and viruses, but also to healthy cells and their mitochondria. And the “Mitos” are very vulnerable to these free radicals.

So much so that the mitochondria can completely destroyed. The course comprises the energy supply of the affected cells. And last but not least, the entire cell metabolism is working worse and slower. In particular, the necessary repairs, which performs every day to yourself each cell can no longer run optimally. In the long term, this means clearly that the affected cells look, no longer carry out their functions properly, just to be “sensitive” and maybe even eventually perish. Many cells affected, it comes to disease – Asthma is one of them.

Conventional medicine fights bacteria with antibiotics, but against viruses it has little powerful in hand. The mitochondrial medicine can here a lot more to do, because it does not attack the pathogen, but also strengthens the body’s cells. They support the mitochondria in the fight against free radicals gives them materials that protect and regenerate. And moreover, these new medical way that allows the body’s dissolution and controlling the pathogen goes. So the constant inflammation can be stopped! And when the ignition proclivity decreases in the body of an asthmatic, then his condition improved significantly!

Healthy intestine – healthy person!

Antibiotics? Many asthmatics can report that they have quite a few experience with such preparations behind. The discovery and development of effective drugs against bacteria has been a godsend for humanity. But now appears more and more that these pharmaceutical substances are a curse for humanity at the same time – and this curse can mean, for example, asthma!

Because antibiotics are effective against all bacteria, also against the human convenient. And that has consequences for the entire body! Such favorable bacteria live in every person naturally in the gut. They protect the body from intestinal infections, because these healthy “intestinal flora” is inside the intestines the intestinal mucosa with a bacterial lawn. Come then on pathogenic bacteria, they have very little chance of finding a place on the intestinal mucosa to infect humans. If, however, killed during antibiotic therapy these good bacteria, then they are in the “real thing” in the gut not to place in order to effectively prevent infection. Frequently intestinal infections are the result.

But the protection of this favorable bacterial lawn goes much further: The bacteria produce substances that nourish the mucous cells. There is not enough budget bacteria in the gut, then suffer the intestinal cells and they no longer function optimally. This is particularly dramatic because the intestinal mucosa has to naturally regenerate very quickly, but it needs an optimal supply of the cells. It does not work, there is long term damage to the intestinal inner wall. Since, is precisely the place which receives the nutrients from our food, the location of the entire body is critical because this function does not work properly. It is therefore logical: is not healthy bowel, the person is not healthy!

And it gets worse: The intestine is in such an unhealthy state permeable to substances for which he would never permit it otherwise, that they reach the interior of the body! But a sick intestine is no longer suitable barrier to protect the body (leaky gut syndrome).

The consequences of Leaky Gut Syndrome can every imagine: all unhealthy or even toxic substances contained in the food get propagated in the body. Digestion getting worse, and the body is powered getting worse. Finally the intestine takes even undigested food constituents.

Then turn the immune system reacts and therefore eventually ignited the intestine, which in turn gives rise to a lot of free radicals that damage all cells of the body and especially the mitochondria.

And therefore the maintenance and healing of a sick intestine is becoming a very essential part of mitochondrial medicine – even and especially in asthmatics!

Kümmern Sie sich um Ihre Mitochondrien!

Each asthmatics can benefit from the mitochondrial medicine:

  • The medicine for this small energy-producing organelles makes it possible for the cells and organs of the body detoxify better and function and regenerate.
  • This can all be healthier cells, thus increasing the body’s ability cooperation with foreign substances, infections and attacks of all kinds better deal, therefore all organs – the lungs and bronchi – in the course of therapy are becoming less sensitive.
  • The tendency to catch fire decreases and thus the probability that added new triggers for acute attacks for asthmatics.
  • And last but not least no more drugs will be less or even needed.

Because the mitochondrial medicine eliminates the actual causes of illness, supports the healthy from the inside and leaves asthmatics breathe.