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Annoying pimples: Even adults often suffer from acne

When hear the term acne most people think of pubescent teenagers. But adults can also be affected by acne – and this comes not so rare. Up to 40 percent of 30 to 40-year-olds suffer from the so-called “late acne”, which occurs especially in the lower facial area, ie around the mouth or in the lower cheek area.Acne

Women are affected more often.

In adolescents occure in both sexes about equally frequently. But women suffer slightly more often than men under the late acne. The causes are not clearly documented. A genetic component certainly plays a major role. But even hormonal factors may play a role. In women, we observe a deterioration of the skin’s appearance in the second half of the cycle.

Moreover, we know that adversely affect to the skin. It’s western eating habits with a lot of sugar and animal fat, both of which are contained in large amounts, especially, in fast food. But even as a healthy foods like dairy products in larger quantities are presumably could aggravate acne. Dairy products may lead to an increased release of insulin and insulin growth factor types, which stimulate the production of sebum and increased formation of comedones, ie blackheads, lead. Even stress can have an adverse effect on the skin. We all have our weaknesses. One gets a headache, the other beats stress on the stomach and in some cases the skin reacts. Other causes may be the wrong cosmetics. Thus, high-fat creams cause clog pores and acne develops. Here the dermatologist can help you find the right care.

When in doubt, consult the family doctor.

Under no circumstances you should even manipulate the affected areas. Pressing or scratching may lead to severe inflammation, which leave unsightly scars. Here, for example, can help a medical cosmetics to refine the complexion again. For those concerned is acne often associated with a high level of suffering. Acne is a disease that should be treated by a specialist. Who feels disturbed by his complexion, so you should definitely consult with the dermatologist. This can quickly achieve by improvement with relatively simple mesures.

Bei Frauen, die die Pille nehmen, kann in manchen Fällen auch der Gynäkologe helfen. In case of womens who are take the pill, even the gynecologist can sometimes help. Changes of male hormones (androgens) can influence on the skin and promote acne in some women by binding to receptors. In this case, a pill is prescribed with a so-called “anti-androgenic effect”. This inhibits the male hormone in its effect.
A visit to the doctor is highly recommended when the eyes occurs suddenly, possibly in conjunction with other symptoms. This may indicate a hormone-producing tumor that should be excluded in any case.

You can prevent the development of acne. In general we can say that a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on the skin. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and fast food, non-smoking, if possible, avoid stress – these are general health tips that also do good for the skin. But the reasons for the emergence of acne are as varied as the treatment options. The dermatologist can help you find the most effective treatment in each individual case.