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Autumn Equinox – ideal for outdoor sports

The summer is due to the high temperatures rather inappropriate to go into a new sport. In spring the weather is too capricious and winters are too cold. But in the fall, the project succeeds guaranteed. With the right advice, the condition is managed by the change of seasons.

Autumn EquinoxNature Sport is the America word for outdoor sports, so the physical activity outdoors. Among the most popular outdoor sports include:

  • Heard Walking
  • Golf
  • Run

There is also a variety of other sports that require a natural environment. This includes water sports, winter sports and many more. Some reasons are in favor of a natural sport:

  • Love of nature
  • No binding to opening times
  • Adventurousness
  • Fitness

Getting in, but right.

Beginners without sports experience should first consult their family doctor. Also important is a reasonable introduction, in the context of a course. In addition, the right equipment is important. Until muscles, bones, heart and respiratory organs adapted to the new load then takes weeks, significantly less strain in autumn than in other seasons. Sometimes it certainly is not possible to avoid sore muscles completely. It occurs when there is little muscle injuries caused by the unusual stress. The rubbing the affected area with essential oils stimulates the skin and tissue of the painful area to increase blood circulation and relieves pain. Must be trained gently during annealing. A heavy muscle is almost always indicative of the wrong technique or that the novice has clearly taken over. He is an alarm signal. The training program must be adapted to the actual load.
The training plan for the first four weeks may look like this:

  • A maximum of 3 times a week 30 minutes sports at a relaxed pace
  • At least one day of rest in between
  • Increase in performance (speed) only every two weeks
  • Single duration increase earliest after four weeks

The first phase takes time.

A recreational athlete who eats healthy and balanced, does not need supplements. However, this is rarely the case. Related products (alcohol and cigarettes), obesity, stress and fast food are nutrient robbers. Any experienced athlete knows the performance hit by an unhealthy or stressful day. Here, it seems reasonable countermeasures. For example, specially designed food supplements. Sports beginners are especially addressed at this point, if them and draw drinking water is still difficult instead of juices or shakes. Who is really serious about the sport home, body and spirit is the time needed to do. The reward is a continuous improvement of their own health, joy of movement, more fitness and of course a better health. Athletes who have managed two- to train the first six weeks to three times weekly, have overcome the first and most difficult phase.