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Be prepared for anything – travelling with a child

Whether by car or by plane to travelling with a child requires careful planning. Thus, neither the favorite toys yet the stuffed animal should not be forgotten to sleep. In addition to the normal travel pastries, there are still a number of other things that you should think.

Travelling with childrenIf you are traveling by car, an age-appropriate seating is essential. This baby seat or booster seat should not only be properly fixed, but also provide sufficient stabilization especially in the head area. Latest every two hours should also be inserted in order to take into account the natural urge of children a break. During the trip can create a diversion in older children also travel games. These are just as much in the travel bag as food and beverages. If your children suffer from motion sickness, you should of course also take appropriate means. On the plane, it is, however, the pressure compensation, which may provide particularly at the start and landing for earache. Here decongestant nose drops can be helpful. In addition, the air in the plane is usually very dry. To avoid irritation of the throat, should therefore be paid to proper hydration. Basically, especially long itineraries for small children are a problem because can be suppressed only with difficulty after two to three hours, the urge to move. It is better, therefore, bedtime children to travel while.

At the destination, the problems do not stop.

On holiday arrived, although boredom and the typical travel complaints are quickly forgotten. But here can lurk various hazards. Therefore, you should show your children where they can get help. In addition, the new playground should first be inspected together and in the water, children should stay under supervision. When traveling to distant countries often also the hygienic conditions poses a problem. So ill almost half of all children in traveler’s diarrhea. Especially in children under three years it can quickly lead to high fluid loss. Preventive should therefore be dispensed with eating raw foods, open water and ice cubes as places where unusual and pathogenic bacteria may be present.

Helpful travel companion – the first aid kit.

To be prepared against traveler’s diarrhea, and other self-treatable problems, an appropriate first aid kit should be taken specifically for children in the holidays with. This should include next time drugs also bandages, a thermometer, disinfectant, insect protection and sunscreen. In addition, the importance of age-appropriate medicines for typical symptoms such as fever, pain, diarrhea, colds and earaches. Prior to travel, also the vaccination and the health insurance coverage for emergencies should be checked.