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Burn out, stress, depression – how much suffering with the skin?

Stress also affects the skin. So can mental stress trigger or worsen skin disorders? Many sufferers help coping strategies.Stress

Stress gets under your skin. Dermatologists diagnose increasingly psychological discomfort as causes of skin diseases. Playing in every fourth patient with skin problems according to experts, mental problems a role. No wonder, then, that increase with the accumulation of burnout and depression, the skin diseases. But there is some good news: Studies suggest that stress management techniques can often improve the skin’s appearance and the quality of life of those affected.

That the skin starts with stressful situations and inner tension, “crazy” to play, and reacts with itching or an increased tendency to pimples, probably know many. The fact that depression often occur in connection with dermatological diseases, recently completed a study of the School of Medicine of Osijek in Croatia found. Depression mean constant stress for the body, and that can weaken the immune system to such an extent that by skin diseases are triggered. Approximately 30 percent of people with depression also have to deal with skin problems.

Stress management also helps the skin.

Especially inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis worsen with mental stress situations. So many sufferers notice a deterioration of the skin condition caused by stress, such as when an important exam is pending or there are conflicts in the private life. Many physicians are now using therefore besides the dermatological treatment process additionally also on relaxation techniques or psychotherapeutic measures. Especially coping strategies such as meditation or yoga can help. For example, studies have shown that yoga can reduce the harmful effects of stress on the immune system.

In addition, a study in the special training programs for children and young people affected by atopic dermatitis were examined, brought very positive results. In these programs, in addition to proper skin care and stress management and relaxation techniques were taught. The result of the “German Atopic Dermatitis Intervention Study” (VEGADIS) with more than 800 affected children and adolescents showed that the skin condition and quality of life were significantly improved by such programs. Apparently stress management process thus can significantly contribute that you feel comfortable in his skin.