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But what exactly is a sun allergy?

Long days and plenty of sunlight: for most people, the dream of summer, but for some, a nightmare. Man with a sun allergy suffer after the first few days in the intensive spring sun itching, pimples or hives on the skin. But what is it exactly – a sun allergy?

Sun allergyIn principle, various diseases are summarized under the term of the sun allergy. In addition to the polymorphic light eruption these include Mallorca acne and photo-allergic reactions. However this is not always is a true allergy. So guess physician in polymorphic light eruption most frequently occurring because of a genetic hypersensitivity reaction of the skin to UV radiation. Already after the first sun occur symptoms of redness, hives or nodules , but which will disappear after a familiarization phase. The so-called Mallorca acne occurs, however, only by the interaction of sunlight, sweat and fatty care products for skin leads to the development of acne-like pimples that can itch severely. Genuine allergies are contingent on if it triggered by medication or care product or provocative by photo allergic reactions. The skin does not react to the substances themselves but to their degradation products formed by sunlight.

Soak up the sun despite on sun allergy.

Meaningful, but hardly viable antidote for a sun allergy or hypersensitivity to UV radiation will be certainly avoidance of any direct solar radiation. Today, there are however exist a number of other ways to both prevent a skin reaction and to better protect the skin from the sun. How should you act if you have Sun Allergy:

  • Use special light stabilizers for allergy sufferers with high UVA and UVB filtersen
  • Avoid unnecessary sun stays for long term and protect the skin in addition by wearing protective clothing and headgear
  • With severe skin reactions may antihistamines or corticosteroids can relieve symptoms
  • Preventive, both beta carotene (not suitable for smoking) are taken and nicotinamide or calcium in high doses over several weeks. Even with a special light therapy, the skin can become accustomed to the summer sun.