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Can sounds affect our health?

Sounds have different effects on us. It’s can calm down or upset, nervous or put in a good mood. However, certain forms of sound can act more deeply and thus affect on our health. The various studies show.Sounds

The success of the sound therapy are now recognized in various fields of medicine. The sound therapy includes various forms and traditions. Can be used different instruments. A method of sound therapy is the sound massage. In her singing bowls are placed on the body and gently struck. The harmonious sounds are received by hearing, and at the same time transmit the vibrations to the body, where they produce a fine vibration, which is often perceived as a “massage”.

During a sound massage deep relaxation arises. Many also report about sense of safety and security, in which it is possible to let go stress, anxiety and worry. Circling thoughts come to rest, the person comes back into contact with their own needs, and there is a conscious and positive body awareness. A study was able to show that, the participants came to a significant reduction of stress symptoms after five sound massages, which were carried out on a weekly basis. Besides the direct physical and mental relaxation, subjects also reported improved stress management measures, decreased irritability in everyday life and a deeper sleep.

Sounds can influence on the function of cells.

A therapy with sounds may thus reduce stress. This positive effects result in various symptoms associated with stress or altered body perception, such as headaches, muscle tension, sleep problems, digestive problems and anxiety. The symptoms of neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis or dementia can be positively influenced by, for example, the perception of the body is strengthened. Particularly positive effects are seen in various studies in the treatment of tinnitus.

The effect on physical symptoms, such as pain or discomfort, seem to be caused not only by the mental relaxation. An investigation points out that sounds can cause a change in the cells. In the study, cell cultures were exposed to a sound by singing bowls. It was found that the vibrations of the singing bowls can have an influence on certain cellular functions. After sonication the total cell number and the number of living cells were significantly increased compared to the control group, while the number of dead cells was slightly lower. Thus, sounds appear to a tendentially activating effect on the cellular functions and to have to support the partition (healthy) cells.