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Caring for senior cats

Cats can choose between 15 and 20 years old and are with the budget established by the feed industry 8 years usually it is no seniors cats. When and how a cat ages, is highly individual, but for the attentive man quite easy to recognize.

Senior CatsThat a cat comes in the year, shows, for example, the fact that they no longer jumps up, visits with preference warm place, long and more sleep or not so cuddly as earlier. Like humans, cats also osteoarthritis or arthritis suffer if with age wear the joints or are inflamed. Does the animal especially after long periods of stiff rest moves carefully, you can take him to the vet, and use prescribed for animal drugs, to relieve the strongest pain. But be careful: Please do not self-tests! Inter alia aspirin is lethal to cats. The internal organs of cat barriers at the age and lose them function. Often diabetes, similar to the dog, and diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart and thyroid happens. If necessary, recommends that the veterinarian periodically to let to create a complete blood count. Often, special food significantly improve the quality of life of the cat, while the annual removal of tartar prevents attack of bacteria the internal organs of seniors cats.

When cats become weird.

The age-related changes in the brain similar to those in humans and cats so much that cats are used in Alzheimer’s research. A incipient senility is however often difficult to distinguish from other diseases in cats. Meow about it, because she is in pain, or has she forgotten that she was just fed only? Nevertheless, particularly permanent routines are very important for elderly cats. Consistent feeding times and a familiar environment provide security and protect against stress, which the old cats always have. With a cozy and warm starting place and participation in the life of the loved one without being over calls can be quite satisfied.