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Celiac: Safe and sound without gluten

When intolerance certain grains allocated gluten. Gluten is a chronic inflammation of the small intestine. Well and clearly diagnose create doctor by an antibody test in blood and tissue removal from the small intestine.

CeliacWhen connecting cereal with water, produced the protein gluten, which is ideally suited as a natural adhesive for bread and pasta. Unfortunately, some people react with a misdirected immune response to this substance, which is the lining the small intestine is pretty sensitive and easy for damaged. At the end of a complex chain reaction is the rejection of the small intestine villi lining that conduct normally captured from the food nutrients into the bloodstream. The dangerous consequence of celiac sprue or native is thus a chronic malnutrition. Also at increased risk of colorectal cancer is associated with gluten intolerance.
As classic symptoms bloating, nausea, diarrhea, vitamin and iron deficiency apply. All signs of malnutrition should therefore be associated with a possible gluten intolerance.

Made healthy and gluten-free diet easy.

Celiac disease or celiac sprue was first described the end of the nineteenth century by Samuel Glee. Meanwhile powerful can serological tests, the antibodies in the blood of those affected nachweisenund even dealing with the disease has become much easier in recent decades. A Celiac is not curable. The therapy is purely dietary through lifelong avoidance of gluten-containing foods. Until just a few years only available in health food stores or health food gluten-free food, now leads every well-run supermarket products match.
In general, the grains wheat, rye, spelled, unripe spelled, triticale, kamut, einkorn and emmer wheat are to be avoided. Harmless, however, are millet and sorghum dwarf teff, maize, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, tapioca and oat limited. It becomes difficult for finished products in which gluten is often used as an emulsifier or stabilizer. The consumer has to rely on product labels, such as the registered symbol for gluten-free foods, a slashed ear.