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Christmas Market – tradition for the cold season of advent

Alcohol outdoors in the freezing cold can have serious consequences. Especially if you and then freezes very warm so tried. One more reason to dress warm.

Christmas marketAdvent is a time of waiting and preparation for the sacred festival. All over the country, the windows are decorated, the living rooms decorated festively and children make all sorts of pretty Christmas surprises. Many building facades and front gardens delight us with funny Christmas Figurines, luminous stars and colorful lights. It is the time that brings a special atmosphere with it. Many people use the time to wander wintry Christmas markets. What could be even more beautiful than to shorten the wait for Christmas with this cherished tradition now?

Well prepared the Christmas magic enjoying the outdoors.

On the Christmas markets there is much to see, to buy and to admire. But not only that, but also culinary delights and all sorts of sweets entice enticing. The scent of fresh almonds or hearty sausages rises into the nose and since it can happen that you stroll a long time on the market. Often one is looking funny at the stands are or have to wait a long time before you get the desired food. Since this is all done outdoors, usually the food is eaten outside in the cold, it starts to freeze after a certain time. A popular hot drink on Christmas markets of mulled wine. But even punch or hot cocoa with shot are sought. They taste good and give short-term heat. But be careful! Alcohol can decrease blood flow to the internal organs. Colds, hypothermia to frostbite can result!

Be aware of this when you visit the Christmas market.

Let it not come that far, keeping you warmer. Dress warmly in. Think to scarf and gloves, maybe a warm hat. If possible, avoid prolonged periods of time standing in one place, because the feet are cold quickly. Are your feet once become a lump of ice, there have cold viruses easily penetrate the mucous membranes of the nose. It is better to remain always in motion. Do not use increased alcohol consumption as mulled wine and cognac or rum mixed with hot drinks. Although warm for a short time because they dilate blood vessels, due to the reduced blood flow to the internal organs you are cold but more and more rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare well for the visit to the Christmas market, so as not to catch a cold. Non-alcoholic hot drinks are much better suited to warm in between.