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Cloud of Cholesterol

–°holesterol. Immediately shrill alarm with many bells. That’s the substance that is responsible for clogged arteries and heart attacks, which is why many doctors often recommended to lower cholesterol so called statins. But cholesterol is not as bad as is often assumed, but it’s, however even used by the body. What is Cholesterol at all? What makes cholesterol so important for our body? And what about HDL and LDL cholesterol?Cholesterol

Cholesterol brief guide.

Cholesterol is a natural substance which is present in all cells of our body – the highest cholesterol is thereby even with nearly 25% in the brain. Since cholesterol is an important component of our nerve membranes, is required instrumental in production of sex hormones and vitamin D, and also protects the brain against Alzheimer’s disease, cholesterol is an important component of our cells. Also cholesterol is found due to its anti-lowering effect whatsoever where is inflammation in the body have accumulated. Due to its “always there” readiness could be described as a fire of the body cholesterol.
By the way: Because cholesterol is so important for our body can produce all our cells cholesterol automatically.

Lower Cholesterol – meaningful or not meaningful?

Cholesterol is therefore an important part of our organs and cells. As the subject cholesterol was taught wrong repeatedly in recent years, there are now unfortunately many doctors who rely on a general lowering cholesterol by statins. Going back to our example with the fire department, this lowering of the fact would be tantamount to prevent being moved firefighters from extinguishing the fire in our house. It has, nevertheless, numerous studies (particularly meta-analysis) which are describe the cholesterol-lowering statins have a positive effect against heart attack, the fact is owed that the studies partially fined and prematurely were at a good result, canceled and were partly financed by the pharmaceutical industry. According to the latest data statins raise much more the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, diabetes and getting cancer. Also lowering statins that important for the heart Coenzyme Q10.

HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol.

Often the ratio of HDL to LDL is measured in the body. Still the concept is maintained, that would be good HDL and LDL bad. But this concept is now outdated.
For this purpose, you should know that there is not just one type of HDL and LDL, but that there are both fluffy HDL and LDL (Cloud-consistency) as well as small, hard HDL and LDL (arms ammunition). It is dangerous if we mainly in our body have HDL and LDL, which have a hard consistency of “arms-ammunition”. One speaks here of HDL and LDL-B 3.

What to do with high cholesterol?

For your health you need airy HDL and LDL in the airy clouds consistency the amount of cholesterol is therefore not decisive. Whether and how much fluffy, protective HDL and LDL is located in your body, you can influence it themselves: They should maintain fluffy cloud particles saturated fat from milk, eggs, butter and organic coconut oil. Since saturated fat of fattened animals (eg meat products from pork) on the other hand too much harmful substances (hormones, antibiotics) and contains too much pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid, reduce these foods.
However, the clouds towards consistency affects the consumption of many carbohydrates and too long due to oxidation the searing cholesterol-containing foods such as eggs.

Heart attack risk naturally lower.

So far, high cholesterol were considered a risk factor for a heart attack. If today we see the side effects of cholesterol-lowering drug and considered the positive effects of fluffigem cholesterol, cholesterol levels should not be lowered but is generally placed in a natural heart attack reduction. For this purpose in other are moving units against your heart – so then you getting short of breath. More effective measures to protect themselves from heart attacks, the avoidance of nicotine and reducing obesity, an additional regular supply of fish as well as in vitamin K2, B6, folic acid and magnesium.

In a nutshell.

  • Cholesterol should not be lowered – Eat fewer carbohydrates and more healthy saturated fat, so your cholesterol particles are “fluffy” in the clouds consistency and are thereby protected.
  • Cholesterol-containing foods (eg eggs) are healthy, but should not be strong seared.
  • A protection against heart attacks provides regular exercise, the renunciation to stop smoking, reducing obesity, and a more in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin K2, B6, folic acid and magnesium.