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Cold Sores – an unpleasant companion in times of immunocompromised

Cold Sores occur mainly for colds frequently. Between 85 and 90 percent of the total population are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 HSV. But it is not at all concerned the disease breaks out in the form of cold sores and pus, crusty deposits.

Cold SoresCold sore gets unpleasantly noticeable especially in the main cold season. Polluters are herpes simplex viruses. Even in adulthood smear infections and skin contact may lead to transmission. But usually an infection already occurs in young children when their immune system even more literally “in its infancy” infected. Similar to the viral cause of chickenpox and shingles and herpes viruses migrate after primary infection along the nerves in the nerve ganglia, called ganglia. The viral DNA is hidden here in the nuclei, where it remains for life and unassailable. In mucosa and nerve cells, the body’s immune system fight the virus successfully camouflaged DNA remains undetected. If the immune languish, the viral DNA is active, the viruses multiply and it comes to the dreaded cold sore.

Herpes labialis with weaknesses in the immune system.

Why the herpes simplex virus does not break at all the hidden sources, although some have regularly once the body’s defenses languish, is still unclear. Several factors can reactivate the herpes virus and trigger the unfortunate bubbles and crusts on the lips and outer oral mucosa. These include:

  • Skin irritations such as burns, injury or sunburn
  • Inflammation in the nerve endings by a dental treatment
  • Stress and tension
  • Hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle
  • Cancer
  • Viral or bacterial colds varying degrees through to pneumonia.

It often happens in herpes labialis in addition to a lymph node swelling, similar to the symptoms of genital herpes.
While the young child the outbreak of the virus can be dangerous, the symptoms in adults are generally restricted to the lip pustules that heal normally within one to two weeks alone again.

Treat – but how?

Because the bubbles to announce not only with clamping and itching, but also look ugly, various means are used:

  • Antivirals such as Acyclovir or Cicloferon, administered as an ointment, inhibit the proliferation of herpes viruses. However, they can quite extinguish them not.
  • A natural remedy for the spread of the virus are capsules or teas with the active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin.

A rapid and especially free of side effects healing of sores in the experiment was detected, for example through the use of:

  • Honey or¬†Propolis Salbe
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Ointment with lemon balm.

Zinc and vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Basically, can prevent a herpes outbreak, an intact immune system. Contributing to a healthy lifestyle as possible with adequate sleep, a sensible diet and sustained personal stress management.