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Contact lenses instead of glasses in the winter?

Eyeglass wearers know the problem with fogged glasses in winter. Who needs to change much between warm and cold indoor outdoor areas for business or leisure, might be better off with contact lenses, but is that really so?


It is the temperature difference between the heated rooms and cold outdoor areas that can fog up the lenses. The reason is that the glasses to cool in cold weather. When entering a warm room, the warm air meets the glasses and cools there abruptly. Water vapor is released because cold air can hold less water than warm air. The colder it is outside, the higher the humidity in the interior, the more pronounced the effect. Contact lenses do not fog up, however. This is because they are covered by a thin water film of tears. Another reason is the rather higher temperature of the lens due to the proximity to the body.

Are there any reasons not to contact lenses in the winter?

Glasses are better in the winter in most cases, contact lenses, if not speak diseases of the eye, however. Therefore, there are only a few additional negative factors. This can be the following:

  • Incompatibilities
  • Diseases of the eye
  • Colds
  • Power sports with quick direction changes
  • Working in a dusty environment

For those toxicities a change of lenses can certainly bring a significant improvement with it. An attempt is worthwhile in any case. In diseases, especially if they are connected with the administration of eye drops, advises the attending ophthalmologist. In the context of colds is a risk of conjunctivitis, which can in the worst case end with complications. Who caught a cold in the winter, should therefore prudent to fall back to recovery over his glasses. For athletes, there are sports lenses. Is this not necessary, recommend hard lenses that can pass more oxygen. Those who work in dusty conditions, could get with lentils problems. However, this raises the fundamental question after work health.

Correct handling of contact lenses in winter.

Contact lenses must be carefully maintained. This is especially important in the winter, because of the frequent temperature changes are the eyes more sensitive. For proper care is one of:

Many eyeglass wearers opt especially in winter for contact lenses. Especially in the winter holiday, the lenses are much less complicated. Habituation to the insertion and removal works fast usually. Important for winter holidays abroad is to take enough cleaning fluid and replacement lenses. It is also important to practice using the lenses before the trip and the eyes to allow time to get used to. This allows easily test how long the lenses are well tolerated sight of what is important to know the winter holidays later.