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Depression in soul when the days get shorter?

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer and the weather getting colder, wetter and bad, you feel increasingly tired, weak and exhausted drive. Sometimes you can develop a real depression in soul in the dark winter months even. There are several effective strategies to prevent the.

When the days get shorterEspecially in the fall and winter months, the soul often suffers from the seasonal light and weather conditions. In this low-light time people complain in our latitudes often from constant fatigue, depression, lethargy and a greatly increased need for sleep. To dispel the gloom and comfort the soul a little, sweets are increasingly being eaten and alcoholic drinks consumed. But especially healthy food, wellness and colors can cheer the soul and help you to a good mood.

Food and fragrances bright soul on.

Fresh and colorful salads revitalize body and soul. Foods such as bananas and dark chocolate with a high cocoa content than 70 percent support the soul, as they contain much serotonin, which upsets can counteract. Even herbal teas from valerian, lemon balm or hops alleviate distress. In mild depressive moods helps St. John’s Wort, which can be taken in capsule form, or in addition also drunk as a tea. A lavender pillow next to the bed provides through its soothing scent for a good nights sleep and fragrance Lamps create by the evaporation of essential oils an olfactory sense of wellbeing.

Wellness and colors activate body and soul.

Walks in the fresh air revitalize the body and expel depressed moods equally well as outdoor sports as, for regular exercise does not just endorphins, but clears the head and cleanses the respiratory system. At home it can be wonderfully relaxing in the bathtub by simply dreams only to himself or listen to this beautiful music. Some candles on bathtub rim creates a pleasant atmosphere and help you unwind. Regular visits to the sauna strengthen the immune system and can exude pollutants from the body. The exchange between the hot sauna and cooling with cold water refreshes greatly and has something Invigorating. For whom the sauna is too hot, looking on a steam bath, the temperature is lower. After the visit to the sauna or steam bath soul is well tuned and prepared the body against the cold weather. Also, cheerful colors brighten the mood. A brightly colored flowers on the table, sofa cushions in a colorful orange, yellow, red or green, or maybe even a new wall paint in kitchen, bathroom or living room have a very positive effect on the soul. Bright colors enliven the senses, prevent depression and made with already existing depressed mood, a reviving effect.