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Do not forget to adjust the travel kit to the destination

Now part for most people to vacation planning also pack a first aid kit. In addition to individual medications and bandages it usually involves various means against the frequent diseases in our latitudes. When traveling to foreign countries or overseas but wait quite a different pathogen, so the kit should be adjusted accordingly.

TravelBasically, the own health is crucial for the appointment of the first aid kit. How should the medication must be taken continuously be carried in sufficient quantity in each case. In addition, there is a so-called basic facilities must on every trip. Besides bandages, scissors and plaster, this includes:

  • Thermometer, tweezers, gloves and disinfectant
  • Fever and pain medication
  • Remedy for motion sickness and digestive tract disorders
  • Fire and ointment
  • Cold remedies
  • Sun and insect repellent
  • Ointment for bruises, sprains and insect bites
  • Eye and ear drops

Useful extensions for international travel.

Depending on the type, duration and purpose of the trip, various supplements can complete the kit. Guests must inquire in advance about possible risks or hazards at their destination. Provides useful information such as the Department on its website, which also educate on issues regarding necessary vaccinations and entry requirements. You should also find out about the medical care at your destination, because sometimes there are more effective means for example to protect against insect bites on site. In addition, a travel kit for a beach vacation in the Caribbean, for example, must be equipped differently than for a tour through the hinterland. In addition to the basic equipment to purify the water are useful here in countries with lower standard of hygiene. And also an emergency broad-spectrum antibiotic for external or internal inflammation and anticonvulsants may be advisable for a poor medical care. However, you should inform yourself before your departure, if you can bring the medications your travel kit in your holiday destination, for import restrictions apply to certain antibiotics or strong painkillers in some countries. Should be included for permanent position to be taken medicines like insulin, anti-allergic agents or blood pressure medication, in each case, a medical cover letter. Other useful supplements can also be mineral salt mixtures, multivitamins, and hygiene products, especially if not the usual products are available locally and added communication problems aggravating.

Transport aid kit properly.

But what good is the best first aid kit, if it is found on site, which have dissolved suppositories or ointment has expired. Therefore, the expiration date of the medication should be checked prior to the trip and the storage instructions to be read. As can be exchanged for less sensitive heat-sensitive drugs maybe. If this is not possible, must be provided an appropriate cooling. Should also be included not only in the first-aid kit, but additionally in hand luggage every day required for safety reasons medicines.