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Excessive Sweating – Causes and Treatment Options

Whether in high summer temperatures, during sports or due to an infection – although sweating is often disturbing, but perfectly normal. When the hands, shoulders and forehead but are dripping in sweat for no reason again is actually vital body function to the problem.

Excessive SweatingSweating the human body is like temperature extremes: sweat but liquid from which evaporates on the skin and ensures that excessive heat is removed – a sometimes vital reaction of the organism. Physical exertion, the summer heat, spicy food or too large meals or excessive alcohol consumption, infections, hormonal fluctuations (eg during menopause), obesity, but also strong emotions such as excitement, anger or fear – all these are reasons that we sweat. However, some people perspire too strong when they barely move and reign cool temperatures. It is estimated that one to two percent of Americans are approximately affected by this disorder called hyperhidrosis. In such cases, various medical actions can be taken. A doctor should be, because even in heavy night sweats, the doctor must rule out serious causes.

Tips against sweating – useful measures.

One possible reason for excessive sweating is overweight. Weight reduction is therefore represent an effective means against the unpleasant sweat attacks. Who mentioned on spicy food dispensed with, and instead takes light and cooling foods like fruits and vegetables you have, also relieves the metabolism. Contrary to popular belief, who sweats a lot, is to drink as little as possible, one must be careful to balance the resulting fluid loss: We recommend at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea. Stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol have a stimulating effect on the organism responds with increased sweating. A moderate consumption is therefore recommended – not only in terms of sweating. In terms of clothing should I prefer natural, breathable materials synthetic fabrics.

The power of nature against perspiration.

Important for people who sweat a lot, of course, is a high quality Deo: It can reduce the production of perspiration and prevent odors. Whether roller or spray, the armpits must be cleaned thoroughly before applying. An antiperspirant can inhibit perspiration, this is achieved by means of an aluminum salt and the skin remains markedly drier.

Some products work with the forces of nature, for example, on the basis of sage. For relief with increased sweating it exists in the form of tablets. In the  aromatic baths or tea, this herb remedy for excessive sweating. Here is a trained medical practitioner together the individual treatment. Regular contrast showers with hot and cold water regulates the temperature balance of the organism. Even sauna sessions are recommended: The extreme heat causes the sweat glands are activated in the future not so fast. Using relaxation techniques can be the stress-induced form of excessive sweating get a grip: “Stay cool” credo is – in the truest sense of the word.