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Facial Care: Your type of skin

Optimal for all face care does not exist. Rather, each nurse must be tailored to your skin type. However, what may be optimal for dry skin care product, for oily skin can sebum only stimulate even more. Who knows their own skin type can help his skin to treat themselves.

Type of skinClassic care products usually distinguish between dry, normal and oily skin. While dry skin can offer poor protection against environmental influences, tends oily skin due to the high production of sebum to impurities. Normal skin, in contrast with all skin types is the easiest to maintain with a protective front of us surrounded environmental influences cream, especially in winter or hormonal fluctuations well supplied. Central to a healthy facial skin is the proper cleaning. Soap destroys the natural acid mantle and should be applied to any skin type. Also wash your face by lotion with a high alcohol content is recommended only in exceptional cases for very oily skin as they dry out strong and can cause a compensatory increased sebum production. For daily cleaning, pH-neutral synthetic detergents or in the case of dry skin moisturizing cleansing lotions will be good.

Are particularly evident the different needs of skin types when choosing the right cream. Oily skin tolerates rather light water-based gel, with moisturizing water-in-oil products often best served during dry skin.

Special case of combination skin.

Whose skin either no dry or not oily, but rather is a mixture of both, it is much more difficult to find your way through the jungle of facial care products. Skin care products for dry skin can forehead, nose and chin shine, and those for oily skin dry out cheeks and eyes. At very pronounced combination skin it may actually be necessary to maintain the various different areas of the face. However, products for normal skin are suitable for combination skin, because they can not meet their disparate needs.

Meanwhile, there are various tailored to this particular type of skin care products that can help, but ultimately has to check by trying on their individual suitability.