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Falling asleep – finally find peace

For hours they circulated in bed back and forth, but refreshing night’s sleep will not be set easily. This sleep is an important elixir of life, for only in sleep, the human body can recuperate from the stresses of the day and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Falling asleep Almost one in two women and one in four men report problems with falling asleep and complain of too little sleep. There are really no hard and fast rule for the duration of sleep, because each person has their own individual sleep needs, not the length, but the quality of sleep is crucial if one wakes recovered. Is the quality of sleep, however, mitigated by falling asleep or prolonged awakenings during the night, fatigue, irritability and concentration problems may result. However, the immune system suffers from lack of sleep and inflammation are favored. In addition, in people with sleeping problems called insulin resistance is promoted and hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and gastrointestinal disturbances occur frequently.

Sleeping problems can have many causes.

Only rarely falling asleep behind serious causes such as depression, high blood pressure, burn-out or other disorders that also manifest themselves often by more complaints. Mostly, however, are stress, poor sleep habits or too high expectations the cause when sleep does not want to set. Other possible causes are:

  • To long sleep in the morning or afternoon
  • Underutilization day
  • Noise, for example by a snoring partner
  • Bright environment
  • Too hot or too cold bedroom
  • Cold shower before bed
  • Coffee or tea before going to bed
  • Rich meals in the evening
  • False bedding or wrong mattress

While most of these causes can easily correct, factors, however, can not simply be turned off as stress or mental stress. In case of persistent difficulty falling asleep, which can have serious consequences over time, therefore, important that a physician should be consulted to rule out medical causes for falling asleep.

Support in falling asleep.

Basically, sleeping pills  should be taken only in exceptional cases asleep or staying asleep. Because they lead to sleep cause, but do not address the causes of the disturbances. In addition, the body adapts very quickly to some of the funds and after a few weeks diminishes the effect, so that higher doses are required. At weaning however, it may cause withdrawal symptoms such as exaggerated alertness. The other hand, are more suitable measures that address the real causes. These include regular bedtimes to eliminate sources of interference and to create the right sleeping environment. In addition, to increase the readiness to sleep much soothing rituals before going to bed like a schlaftee or a relaxing bath.