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Fasting as treat for body and soul

Already more than two thousand years, the ancient Greeks knew about the healing effects of fasting. Today, people try to compensate by fasting the stress of an unhealthy diet. But what really brings fasting for body and soul and who is it for?

Fasting as treatNot infrequently determine the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. And in their spare time, hardly anyone takes the time to do something for yourself. No wonder that many people feel tired and exhausted. Addition, they often wrong eating habits that hit to the stomach, affecting digestion or precipitate as unwanted kilos at the hips. High time to change that. To get here, body and soul back into balance, may help in the short-term food intake is set completely or at least partially, for example, a juice fast. Because as a result of the fast changes of metabolism. Whether it thus is an actual detoxification of the body, although not yet proven. What is certain is that after an initial transition phase the body attacks its fat reserves and thus provides energy for self-healing of body and mind. In addition, increased mood hormones are produced by fasting, which provide mental well-being. Nevertheless, no one should start from today to tomorrow with a fasting because endure to this, should first be clarified some things.

Fasting in three phases.

Who elects for a medically supervised detox program in a hospital or a special hotel, but at home wants to bring his body and mind back into balance, which must first decide on one of the many fast methods. In addition, the body must be slow preparation for the fast. In addition to diet and avoiding smoking, alcohol, coffee and meat are also cleansing colonic irrigation. After this preparation, the actual days of fasting, in which, after initial unpleasant side effects soon begins a positive body image starts. Finally, the conclusion is the so-called fast-breaking, a time in which the body is slowly accustomed to solid food again. This phase is therefore particularly suitable for switching to healthier eating habits.

Fasting is not suitable for everyone.

Fasting can basically anyone who feels healthy. Children and the sick should fast on the other hand only after consultation with a physician. Although fasting is to have a positive impact on a number of diseases such as rheumatism, allergies, depression, fatigue, menopausal symptoms, cardiovascular disease or obesity, but some diseases may be aggravated by fasting. Thus, both an advanced heart failure and tuberculosis, cancer, advanced renal or hepatic impairment, diabetes type 1 or taking certain medications such as blood thinners contraindications for fasting, as this could worsen the disease or enter life-threatening situations.