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Fragrances weapons against mosquitoes

Summer, sun and mosquito bites – a combination that seems inevitable, because the female mosquitoes are dependent on foreign blood to the summer breeding season. They find their prey using a specialized sense of smell, and that is what can make human use of the fact to keep the annoying and sometimes even dangerous pests at bay. What can protect you against mosquitoes?

Against mosquitoesEspecially in regions where mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, timely prophylaxis is essential. But even in this country spreading the insect viruses and bacteria, while triggered by the mosquito’s saliva itch to scratch first orgies and eventually can lead to inflammation.
Acting directly on the skin called repellents conceal either the groundbreaking fragrances, or contain odors, mosquitoes naturally can not stand. These funds are available as lotions, sprays or sticks must be applied at regular intervals on the exposed skin to act reliably. Furthermore, you can also make use of natural methods to scare the bloodsuckers.

Mosquito is the horror for man.

Ideally, mosquitoes can many fragrances that are the most pleasant people, or at worst indifferent, do not suffer. Fragrance lamps with the appropriate essential oils near the grill table, sliced citrus fruits on the windowsill or flowering plant in the bedroom are a gentle alternative to partially allergenic repellents. Particularly unsympathetic mosquitoes are the scents of lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, camphor, cinnamon and bergamot. With clove-studded lemon or orange slices the pests may just as lemon and tomato plants, while cat owners can even divert the bitter-smelling catnip as mosquito fright.
Who but such experiments fragrance in your own home is too expensive, is also the simplest available insect protection, mosquito nets, the best advice.