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GcMAF – new hope for a healing and harmless anti-tumor therapy

The conventional tumor therapy has been in existence for many years of the individual steps surgery when the tumor is operable, and then chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Despite an enormous amount of research in the field of combating cancer not have improvements in practice in this very stressful for the patient treatment regimens were achieved. In recent years, however, represent an immune supportive therapy seem out to open new cures.GcMAF

The above-described conventional treatment of tumors is undesirable from the perspective of holistic medicine. But so far, lacking good alternatives to these forms of therapy, so that holistic practitioners working in cancer patients usually only an adjunct to conventional chemotherapy or radiation so-called complementary medicine measures. In the future, this might look different because with well-tolerated, easy and natural substance, it is possible that the immune system to enable it to keep it going to look for tumor cells to eliminate these – this could be real cure possible! This substance is scientifically called GcMAF , while Gc stands for “group specific component” (group-specific component) and MAF for “macrophage activating factor”. Macrophages are phagocytes in the immune system , which are then activated in the healthy person, for example, if there is an infection or even cancer cells need to be removed. By administering GcMAF it may be possible to reactivate a poorly working immune system and strengthen the self-healing powers in appropriate patients.

Where does GcMAF?

GcMAF is occurring in every healthy person’s immune system in the substance. It arises from the so-called Gc protein. Which is a protein on the three different sugar molecules are attached. The Gc protein is primarily responsible for the transport of vitamin D in the blood. That vitamin D transporter GcMAF can arise when the immune system are cut off two of the three attached sugar. This is usually done by two different enzymes that can dissolve, those sugar-sugar compounds are very specific. Both enzymes must be present in order GcMAF can be formed. In this way it is ensured that not too much of the Gc protein is converted to the macrophage activating factor.

Forming an enzyme in the body the cancer cells in very large quantities – Nagalase.

Also Nagalase is an enzyme that forms every healthy body and it also desperately needs, because it is responsible in healthy cells with it to eliminate cellular waste. For the Nagalase also cuts off sugar molecules of proteins. However, it is proceeding not as specific as the two GcMAF-forming enzymes above.

Some cancer cells form very much Nagalase. This brings the course provided a balance between proteins with or without sugar molecule compounds falter. Not only cellular waste is then disposed of, but it will also cut sugar molecules that are urgently needed for the function of proteins in the cells.

A familiar example of the dramatic consequences of the cancer cell Nagalase is its effect on the immune system: Instead of the planned removal of two of the three sugar of Gc protein which Nagalase cuts off all three sugars. So GcMAF can’t arise, the macrophages are not activated and the immune system is less active against cancer cells and the tumor itself. So here is a mechanism by which protect a tumor from the immune system of the patient. In advanced cancer is also often shows a very high susceptibility to infections of patients, which is also to explain exactly with this mechanism: Important parts of the immune system to be shut down by an increasing number of cancer cells-Nagalase. The body is unable to combat infections sufficiently.

Support the immune system in fighting cancer.

Which you can now counteract. Due mostly weekly injections with GcMAF the lack of autologous macrophage activating factor can be eliminated. The immune system of cancer patients can be better again turn against the cancer cells and fight the tumor, existing metastases and infections more effectively. GcMAF is so real help for self-help of the body and a very helpful tool in the hands of holistic medicine in cancer.

GcMAF can do even more.

Some studies suggest that this mechanism is not the only way you can proceed on the GcMAF against cancer. Another effect appears to be that this factor in addition to the activating effects of the immune system also can hinder the formation of new vessels in tumors. Can without creating new blood vessels, a tumor of a certain size no longer continue to grow. The inner tumor cells would be cut off from the supply of necessary nutrients and die. Can vascularization be prevented growth of the tumor. This anti-angiogenic effect was observed in experiments on human cells with GcMAF.