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Get rid of pimples fast, does it work?

¬†Pimples appear exactly before an important job interview or a first date with a new friend. Question to a million: How get rid of pimples? Here’s demand quick help.

Get rid of pimplesAlmost everyone knows the feeling when suddenly developed an unsightly pimple right in the face. The skin becomes red and the pimple itself has a thick pus hood. It pimples are usually the result of clogged pores that form the plugging of the sebaceous glands. Originally to protect against weather influences, human skin is still littered with numerous tiny hairs, each having a hair follicle and sebaceous gland one. Normally, the day produced which passes through the hair and through the pores on the skin surface as a protective film, keeps the skin elastic and supply used. However, due to internal or external factors such as hormonal changes, certain foods or environmental factors to overproduction, excess sebum can clog the pores along with dead skin cells. The results are blackheads, which can develop through the action of bacteria in festering pimples.

Do not squeeze pimples.

The fastest way to get rid of a pimple is certainly express it with your fingers. What remains then? The reddened skin and no less disturbing wound that ignite to make matters worse and can leave scars. More appropriate, therefore, don’t disturb affected area on your face.¬† Support can be applied with help of steam baths, which open the pores, so that in a subsequent excess sebum and skin cells can be easily removed with water and special washing gels for skin. In order to reduce existing pimples, this can also be selectively treated with special preparations that have an antibacterial effect and promote healing.

What else still helps against pimples.

In general, you need patience in the case of pimples, because they rarely disappear overnight. Rest assured, pimple patches and gel, cover only, but don’t bring the desired rapid success. These are best special covering and correction pens, the latter neutralize red skin by the shades of green, so that it can be easily covered with powder or pen. Of fundamental importance in the fight against pimples, however, is the cleansing of the skin from excess sebum, dead skin cells or makeup, because they are the main cause of pimples. For example, regular scrubs, masks can help prevent pimples. And dont forgot customized individual care for your skin type. In addition, of course, you should avoid individual pimples triggers, such as chocolate or chips, just before important dates.