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Hands care – especially before the beginning of the cold season

Who is a lot out there, doing sports, cultivates a garden or even working outdoors, knows the problem: With the onset of cooler season suffer the hands, the skin becomes rough, dry and cracked. Blame are the contrasts between the often dry heating air “inside” and cold, wet and windy outside.

Hand CareThe skin of the hands anyway forms only a small own layer of fat. Frequent washing and reduced blood flow in cold outdoor temperatures are a strain on the skin, even if the digging-powered sports make in the garden and outdoor fun. Who now still wants to keep beautiful, manicured hands, must do something to be it:

  • Wear gloves when working outside to be protected from dirt, moisture, wind, and whenever it gets cold grimly. Keep your hands in this way not only warm and flexible, and the skin is protected.
  • Lotion regularly: Hands the smoothes rough skin and prevents fissures and cracks or propagate.
  • Select the proper soap: Gentle on the skin and moisturizing it should be, but at the same time thoroughly clean.

Targeted beauty care for hands.

Even those who tinkers business or pleasure lot of time outdoors, in the evenings has not waive make a good impression with beautiful hands and nails. Although this requires some effort, but is well worth the effort. Creamed before and after work to keep your hands clean simple, rough scrubbing and brushing omitted, the skin is protected. Even in winter, you can enjoy hands a scrub, but no more than once per week. Peeling pastes are easily molded itself, for example, a mixture of sea salt, milk or curd and honey. Especially when the hands have suffered badly and the skin is rough and sore, worn overnight care gloves made of cotton often work wonders. Putting on over the carefully creamed hands and being surprised in the morning with a delicate, smooth skin.

Nourishing ingredients.

If you already have cracked fingertips and other sores, may, under the gloves and:

  • Bepanthen- or use another ointment.
  • Moisturizing and protective creams also work with urea (urea).
  • Some hand creams contain glycerin and beeswax.
  • Evening primrose oil is highly moisturizing and helps the skin in restoring the acid mantle, even with pronounced skin problems such as eczema.

However, caution is advised when contained essential oils or artificial fragrances, they can cause allergies in certain circumstances.