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Harmless prevent circulation problems with suitable measures

Harmless circulatory problems may present as sudden dizziness, fatigue, headache or nausea. The reason for this is usually a sudden drop in blood pressure or too low blood pressure. Sometimes behind the circulation problems hidden also serious diseases which should be investigated medically.

Circulation problems Who suffers after sumptuous lunch with unexplained fatigue or dizziness when standing up quickly, should have it checked circulation. Here, the circuit forms a vital for the human body system that supplies in the organs and cells oxygen and other nutrients which transported metabolites. If there is interference in this system, circulatory problems may be as result. In addition to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system is also harmless causes can be as low blood pressure, hidden behind the complaints. Moreover, the circuit daily fluctuations, which may be exacerbated by stress, heat, physical exercise and poor diet habits subject. During the circulatory problems, due to a serious illness it is necessarily be in medical hands, harmless complaints resulting from low blood pressure can usually be prevented even with simple behavioral measures.

Prevent circulatory problems caused by heat, dehydration, and exhaustion.

Especially in the heat the human body reacts quickly on a drop in blood pressure. This wide, at high temperatures, the blood vessels in order to dissipate the heat of the body better. As a result, however, the blood in the legs and the brain receives less oxygen, so it can suddenly come to vertigo, headaches, or even fainting. To prevent these heat-related circulation problems, all activities should be avoided outdoors, especially at high temperatures. Better is a place in the shade. It is also important, especially in hot weather, to ensure adequate fluid intake of two or three liters a day. The best remedy iт this weather, fruit juice spritzers or herbal teas, to compensate for the loss of fluid in the heat and thus avoid circulatory problems. Should be avoided, however, both coffee or black tea and alcohol, as these drinks can slow down circulation in addition. Moreover helpful:

  • Small portions of meals with easily digestible food relieve the stomach and thus the cycle.
  • Setting the air conditioning not too cold, because the exchange of heat can affect in addition.
  • Cold showers stimulate the circulation and thus prevent circulatory problems.

Boost low blood pressure.

Circulatory problems, in the morning when you get up can be cause faintness or dizziness, this is usually a sign of low blood pressure. Although this a medical opinion, look like non risk for healthy, but can be very uncomfortable for the person concerned. In addition to a healthy diet with enough vitamins and minerals here can also regular saunas, contrast showers, aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling help stimulate blood pressure, and thus prevent circulatory problems.