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Hay fever – now the grasses flowering begins

While the worst is over for some hay fever sufferers who suffer from grass pollen allergic time to start yet. For after the blossom from May to August, grass and weed pollen go. Because of the high prevalence there have allergies now very serious and look forward to every rainy day.

Hay feverIn the vernacular, an allergy to grass is also known as hay fever. However this is not an allergic reaction to the grass itself, but against certain protein components of pollen. Is allogamy produce grasses during its heyday tons of pollen. Because unlike the animal pollination wind pollination is not targeted. To compensate for this disadvantage appropriate quantities to be produced, which are then transported for miles by the wind.

Hay fever, everyone suffers differently.

Basically, a grass pollen allergy is similar to other forms of seasonal pollen allergy. Again, therefore vary the severity of the symptoms. While some people will only feel a slight sore throat, others are struggling with a runny nose or totally swollen eyes. Besides watery eyes, runny nose and cough more symptoms such as itching, redness, or swelling of the skin may occur. And general well-being can be pulled by a grass pollen allergy affected. It also is not uncommon comes to so-called cross reactions in which the body reacts to substances that have similar protein components included as the grass. These include foods such as raw potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, tomatoes, kiwis and peas. Referring also to cereals such as rye, barley or wheat cross reactions are possible.

Tips for grass pollen allergy sufferers.

People who suffer from pollen allergy should first try to avoid contact with the allergens. When grass pollen but this is very difficult due to their wide distribution. The best time for outdoor activities is therefore after a long period of rain, as rain washes the pollen out of the air. In addition, sufferers should long shower before going to bed and not forget the hair. The bedding should be washed during the pollen season more often. However, can only be minimized and not completely prevented by these measures, the pollen load. Therefore, an allergy to grass pollen usually requires a special treatment, which depends on the severity of symptoms. In addition to alleviating the symptoms for example, by special nose drops and/or eye drops and antihistamines may be necessary and useful for acute onset of symptoms. With very severe impairments there is also the possibility of desensitization, but some planning needs. The decision and recommendation in this regard, however, is up to the doctor alone treated.