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Health tips for the office

Modern man is an office worker and spends much of his life in a sitting position. All because of permanent seats for our bodies but, of course, health problems are inevitable. Who makes sure to keep checking to move again, and his work ergonomically set up, has a good chance of not getting sick.

Tips for the officeTension in shoulders, neck and back pain , headache, and concentration difficulties are typical inconveniences of office life. They are due to an unhealthy posture, lack of exercise, poor air and often outdated or incorrectly adjusted work equipment. The consequences of this permanent unnatural intercourse with one’s own body are often chronic back pain. Even small changes in daily habits can be countered in time and his most valuable asset, health condition.

So desk workers stay healthy. Top 5 tips for the office.

  1. The most important tool for a healthy attitude is the right office chair. He should have a high backrest and different ways of height adjustment. But even the best chair will not help if it is not set correctly. An upright sitting position, in which the whole seat is used, while the soles of the feet comfortably touch the ground shall be considered the most ergonomic.
  2. Long persistence in the same seating position, however, should be avoided. In addition to small changes in posture prevents regular standing posture problems. By going around about the phone or important tools positioned out of range, movement can be easily integrated into everyday life.
  3. Furthermore, the correct positioning of the monitor and keyboard prevents cramping of the shoulder and neck muscles. While looking at the screen should be slightly downward, the keyboard must be comfortable with arms akimbo be accessible.
  4. The failure from a car or the elevator and the former getting off the team are also easy ways to bring excitement to his life.
  5. Many a concentration depth is consumed and stuffy air owed so regular ventilation can be a treat for the mind and body.