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Healthy skin in winter!

Outdoors prevail freezing temperatures, indoors it is warm and cozy: In winter, our skin has to do hard work due to the large temperature differences. Feelings of tension, itching and dandruff are possible signs of dehydration  which possible can prevent effectively with the appropriate care.

Winter skincareWith an area between 1.5 and 2 square meters and a weight of 3.5 to ten kilograms (depending on the size and weight of the person) the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It has multiple functions, it is nevertheless also a sense organ, led to our being and shield against germs, light and dehydration. Also, the temperature compensation is one of their tasks: is it cold, the skin and the underlying fatty tissue are less blood flow and thus serve as insulation. However, it is already at a temperature of eight degrees Celsius in a reduced production of sebaceous glands who already produce with age less lipids. Thus, the protective film of fat decreases, moisture evaporates freely and bacteria can easily penetrate. Even otherwise undemanding skin then tends to redness, itching or brittleness.

Winter care for the skin.

In order to protect the skin during the cold season, you should support them by using a rich care. Especially vegetable fats suitable for this purpose because they are very similar to the natural lipid layer. Suitable for example: precious oils of argan ,  fruit primrose seeds. Also quality olive oil nourishes the skin with skin-related lipid substances and protects it from drying out. In particular freezing temperatures or against the cold wind in winter sports so-called cold creams are used: they usually contain water, beeswax and vegetable oil to form a high-fat film for protection against the cold. This will not occur in heated rooms heat to build up, this cream should be removed in the open after the stay.

Sun protection, cleaning and lip care.

Even during the winter months, the solar power- especially in upland areas and especially in the mountains. The theme UV protection therefore plays a role even in cold weather: here is a special sun protection for the winter. So that the skin can breathe at night, it must be cleaned thoroughly in the evening. Due to the frequent alternation between dry air heating and low ambient temperatures of the mantle is already heavily used; Cleaning products for sensitive skin should therefore be preferred. Not only the facial skin, but also the lips in winter need an extra dose of care: here finally are no sebaceous glands. Balms and ointments with vegetable oil and repair chapped lips and make it smooth. One gives skin and lips so during the winter a little more attention, they remain cold despite rosy and healthy.