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Heel spurs – help specific exercises

If the first steps in the morning after getting up from the pointed, stabbing pain in the foot are accompanied, a heel spur may be the cause. This usually only a few millimeters long, spine-like bone exostosis of the heel bone can be found in approximately one in five adults over 50.

Heel spursHowever, the heel spur itself is not cause of the pain that will be felt by many of those affected, as if they had entered into a nail or glass. Only when the Bone exostosis leads to inflammation of the surrounding tissue, the pain set and force a break or toe walking. Most the heel spur forms on the underside of the heel bone due to overload, stress faced or wrong shoes. Not only under the heel, but also at the base of the Achilles tendon can develop a heel spur, which leads then through the shoe edge to print complaints. But typical of a heel spur symptoms can also occur before actually a spur has developed. To diagnose a sufficient X-ray examination, because although a heel spur is not visible from the outside, it can be easily displayed in the radiograph.

Targeted relief relieves complaints.

In any case, inflammation in the heel, whether caused by a heel spur or overexertion, for consistent relief you should worry. These are best Special shoe inserts , which have a precisely tailored recess for the heel spur and the inflamed area. In very severe pain analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents can be injected directly into the painful area also. Thus there is an improvement in the long term after the acute inflammation, the deposits should be worn permanently by targeted exercises with plantar fasciitis exercises which foot muscles are strengthened. Other options for the treatment of heel spurs are the shockwave therapy , which is not, however, covered by health insurance, and in exceptional cases, surgical removal of the spur, in which the scar tissue resulting from the operation can similarly cause pain as before the heel spur.