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Help for others made us happy

Who can help other people, even doing good for yourself. This has now been even scientifically proven. Thus activated prosocial behavior that is reward center in the brain – and that makes happy.

helpThere are many ways to influence one’s own mood positive: meditation, relaxation, sport, good food, socializing. But this altruistic behavior can also improve mood, has now been established even in a scientific study. It shows: Who can help others, is even happier.

In the study, psychologists Tristen Inagaki and Naomi Eisenberger from University of California (Los Angeles) use the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and check the reactions of women whose partners were given painful electric shocks. While some of the women were allowed to hold the arm of her partner, other women had only watch the procedure, without being able to touch their husbands.

Altruistic behavior activates reward center in the brain.

For women who touched her partner showed a strong agitation in the reward center of the brain. In addition, a further region of the brain is activated. If to be exact that one which is involved in the reduction of the perception of stress.

Interestingly, the reward center was less active although the women were allowed to touch the arm of the partner, but this did not lead to any appearing of pain. This fact proves that it is not only the contact which triggers the feeling of wellbeing. Obviously, there is active support which leads to rewarding brain activity.

Other studies have already pointed out that support provide for other can help increase vitality power. Surveys show that people are more satisfied with their lives, if they stand up for others.