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Help with corns

Beautiful feet are a sign of good care. But even with great care corns can form. Who knows more about their appearance, they can prevent. If they are already seeing immediate help is needed.

Help with cornsWomen suffer more frequently from corns. Reason, chic shoes, but unfortunately often are too tight and put pressure on the sensitive skin on the toes back. The body responds to a protection measure and forms an unsightly callus. By their growth with a downward spur such corn at each pressure is extremely painful. The most important measure is to avoid the triggering shoes immediately and to treat corns.

What do corns?

In the pharmacy, find ridden patients with corns quick help. If you’re traveling with new shoes and suddenly finds that the shoes push the toes, even get preventive help here. There is pressure protection rings in different sizes and designs, the bolster sensitive skin, for example, over the toe bones. Proven effective for prevention of pressure sores. And relief of pressure pain in corns have Detox protect pressure protection rings. At the beginning of the corn consists primarily of a stratum corneum. Only those who ignore that exacerbates the problem. At worst, even surgery is then necessary. To prevent this, it is worth it, especially for fashion-conscious ladies, make provisions with a shopping at the pharmacy.
The first aid measures to prevent the development or worsening of corns. Is it too late to the podiatrist is the right person.

What are the right shoes?

Fashionable ladies shoes are often far too narrow. As long as the feet are healthy, a temporary wear is acceptable, especially if no long distance driven. But ladies who go a lot of walking, standing all day or in rough terrain are traveling, be sure to wear proper fitting footwear. Who fears for his stylish appearance, can take some nice spare shoes in a bag. A daily change is meaningful. And certainly, the feet rest on the day after dancing in high heels night better in soft linen comfy shoes or sandals.