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Helps of blood donations for hypertension

It has long been the bloodletting in naturopathy as spin recovery method known. Now a preliminary study at the Charité has provided evidence that blood donation can reduce high blood pressure.Hypertension

Conventional medicine has thus classified another method of naturopathy by a clinical study as likely to be effective. bloodletting long time belong to naturopathy to the diverting method. And also regular blood donors repeatedly report a better body image, increased performance and more vitality. Until now, the health effects of blood donation has been explored but not scientific.

Now scientists have studied in a clinical pilot study, how the blood donation affects values such as blood pressure or blood lipids. These participants were taken twice at an interval four weeks approximately 300 milliliters of blood. After that, doctors have compared these results with the control group without blood sampling. Were included in the study patients with a metabolic syndrome, ie with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, altered blood lipid levels and obesity.

Blood pressure dropped by an average of 16 mmHg.

It was found that the blood donation could reduce blood pressure by an average of 16 mmHg. This was a greater effect than with conventional blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors. The drop in blood pressure did not only short term but over a long term period. Another positive side effect of blood donation, the blood lipid levels of the subjects have improved.

The researchers now want to find in a larger study whether regular blood donation may actually be an effective remedy for high blood pressure. Initiated and co-financed the study of the Carstens Foundation. The public sector does not provide funding for studies on complementary medicine. This is therefore dependent on private support.