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Herb Garden for Health

A remedy for sore throat from the garden bring? Place a soothing gastric herbal for yourself? With your own herb garden that is possible. And the good news is: A lot of space is not necessary.

Herb garden at homeThose who opt for the popular and robust herbs, has a herb garden not much work and yet can harvest all year round. For your own garden are particularly suitable:

  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Melissa
  • Chives

If neck pain or inflammation in the neck and throat area, it is advisable to prepare a mixture of sage leaves and chamomile flowers a tea and cooled for gargling and rinsing to use.

It is this tea is also effective for stomach/ intestinal problems soothing and beneficial when it is not used in this case for gargling or rinsing, but is drunk.

The aromatic and medicinal plant Basil is an annual. This means that they must be re-sown or planted each year. All others are perennial. To the herbs retain their flavor, flowers should be removed early. The more care involves cutting back in the spring, because then the Lignify is prevented and the herbs grow beautiful bushy and leaf-rich. He who sows his herbs in the house, to put them later into the garden soil should not wait too long. In the house, especially in mini-greenhouses for the windowsill, the leaves are blowing very fast, while the stems are weak.

Herbs for everyday.

Basil is immediately after harvest cut into pieces and given (not to cook yourself!) about the food. He gives the food a pleasant spiciness and soothes the digestive organs. Also Chive is a herb that is easy to maintain and even hardy. It contains a lot of vitamin C, has a stimulating effect and also enjoys as a supportive herb for colds a good reputation. As a herb with a slight sharpness can be sprinkled over the hot dish, but also tastes great in cottage cheese or yogurt, as a spread. Melissa is a popular herb against nervous upsets. Here, Melissentee can easily establish themselves. The best time to harvest is the way from May to September. Then 1.5 to 4 g are required for the tea, depending on whether still leaves of other plants can be added or to be the flavor as intense. After the leaves have been doused with hot water, the tea should take five to ten minutes before it is strained. It tastes way too cold.

Space for the herb garden is everywhere.

If you are short of space does not waive the herb garden yet. For a small terrace or balcony are:

  • Large flower pot
  • Herb spirals
  • High gardens

It may not always be the carefully applied Beet, after all, many herbs grow also excellent on the window sill. Families can transfer the rearing and care of herbs to children from primary school age who are learning so that herbs are not available naturally in powder form. Instead, they learn which herbs to which courts fit, and how they actually look.

But even if time and space do not give up your own herb garden, your pharmacy a wide range of medicinal herbs or holds – Tees in drug quality ready. Here you are also able to offer expert advice and can mix your desired individual tea.