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High blood pressure – the great public health problem

Approximately every fourth American suffers: high blood pressure, also called hypertension. As the disease proceeds asymptomatic sometimes over very long time, many sufferers know nothing about it. Is precisely where the danger, because untreated can cause irreparable damage.

High blood pressureThe term blood pressure refers to the force generated by the blood to the arteries acts those vessels that carry blood away from the heart. Two data specified in the Unit of mmHg (millimeters mercury column), provide information about the arterial pressure: The upper “systolic” value indicates the pressure being exercised by the heart when it pumps blood into the circulation. The lower “diastolic” number on the other hand refers to the present in the vascular pressure. It is calculated between two contractions of the heart, that is, while the maximum slack vascular. At least this pressure are therefore exposed to the artery permanently Hypertension is when the Values permanently over 140 to 90 mmHg  lie.

Causes and symptoms.

In 90% of cases no specific cause for the hypertension observed; this is called of primary hypertension. Typical clinical symptoms as a result of another disorder or because of the long term use of medication on, there is secondary hypertension. Meanwhile, some criteria are known to favor the development of high blood pressure. To this end, in addition to genetic factors also pay obesity, physical activity, alcohol or nicotine abuse and negative stress, and in some cases the strength who experience excessive consumption of salt. Even much increased blood pressure often causes no symptoms for years, but could become pregnant during inter alia, heart, brain and vascular e and drove to a heart attack or a stroke. Non-specific symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nervousness and sleep disorders, shortness of breath during exercise or palpitations or knock drove many patients to the doctor, who can then make up the cause in Routine review hypertension.

Drug therapy and general behavior tips.

Whether hypertension must be treated with medication, of course, depends on the severity of the disease. Apart from playing other risk factors of the patient having a stroke or heart attack a role for the therapy. With light pressure often enough a change in lifestyle to improve the values significantly. In light of the previously mentioned risk factors therefore should be dismantled and integrated more movement into everyday life, if present, excess weight. In addition, it is recommended to reduce or discontinue the use of stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol or coffee. A healthy balanced diet can contribute to a long-term reduction in blood pressure. The factor of great importance Stress: Who pays attention to a regulated sleeping pattern, again and again creates outs that own needs seriously degraded and pressure in the truest sense, has a good chance back to finden to a normal blood pressure.