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Hot tips for cold hands

Especially women often suffer from constantly cold hands and feet, because they have less warming muscle mass compared to men. However, ice-cold hands, despite the mild temperatures or blue color, also can be the side effect of various diseases.

Cold handsAt low temperatures the outer areas of the body, in favor of the vital internal organs, are getting less blood flow, so that hands and feet cool down much faster than other body parts. Who ever has cold hands, should also pay attention for hands at moderate temperatures, and dress appropriately to protect themselves from the cold in general. Furthermore, a healthier diet helps the body to better regulate its heat balance. Should be taken a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Critically, stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol are considered as negative factors.

Also you can teach your body to a better heat retention, through the external influences. Contrast showers, saunas and a lot of exercise in the fresh air can improve your the blood circulation.

Cold hands as a warning sign.

Employed ice-cold hands are not only uncomfortable, but can also point to a serious underlying disease. Thus, the circulatory disorders that occur in diabetes, atherosclerosis and heart disease often show on the hands and feet. In addition, thyroid disorders have a negative effect on thermoregulation. In the case of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, and consistently high level of stress, centering of the blood flow provides insides to prevent the supposed danger. Rather annoying than dangerous is the primary Raynaud’s syndrome. You can recognize it by vascular spasms fingers or toes and color white of limbs. However, secondary Raynaud’s syndrome, also occurs as a result of an autoimmune or connective tissue disease and must be treated accordingly. Who constantly suffers from ice-cold hands in mild temperatures, must see the doctor.