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How good exercises for back really?

For many patients with back pain is spinal exercises has proved a boon, because by the regular targeted movement and the associated strengthening of the back pain is gone and her spine holds the everyday stresses better standing.

Exercises for backSpine exercise is one of the most important components in the context of the school and is now back about offers most frequently dialed in prevention sport . Although the concepts here are very different, but their common goal is the prevention and avoidance of discomfort that may occur in connection with the spine. It is important to understand, especially in what way the spine can be supported and strengthened by gymnastics. First you have to establish how the stabilization of the spine works at all. In addition vertebrae, intervertebral discs and tapes capsules also muscles, tendons and a neural control system are involved in it. Only the interaction of all granted the stability of the spine. If there is interference in the system, for example by wear and tear, such as the muscles can initially be compensated by the other components. Only if a compensation is no longer possible, caused changes in the sequence of movements and pain.

Spine exercises for a healthy attitude.

This offset any signs of wear and painful tension can be resolved, not conservation, but movement is required. To assist especially the muscles of the spine, so enclose the spine like a corset and supports, there are a variety of special exercises, ranging from mobilization about building muscle to relax and stretch. Task of spinal gymnastics classes is to teach these exercises and to ensure the correct implementation, because even well-intentioned gymnastics can do more harm than good if not performed correctly. Nevertheless, the spine exercises an important building block to avoid or prevent back pain. However, in existing diseases and pain before the gym a doctor should be consulted. Similarly, when new pains develop or become aggravated existing problems.

Not only exercises for back help you avoid back pain.

In addition to spinal exercises, which is offered by health insurance, sports clubs, community colleges, etc., but rather equipment training for some patients are suitable, because that can not only be targeted individual muscle groups to strengthen, but just for beginners, the devices provide more security, because the movements be performed and the resistance is precisely dosed. However, equipment training should only be done under expert guidance, so that the exercises and training control can be optimally adapted to the individual needs. As a general rule, however, any regular exercise is likely to strengthen the back. Other sports like jogging on soft ground, cycling, backstroke and Nordic walking to stabilize the spine can contribute and help back pain to avoid.