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In the summer hair care to remember

In the summer belongs to most people now a special skin care daily routine. The skin is not only regularly supplied with grease and moisture but also protected against harmful UV radiation. In this case, however, the hair is often forget that also require intensive care in the summer.

Hair care Summer, sun and water provide a holiday mood and relaxation. For skin and hair but the summer is a real ordeal. In particular, the combination of sun and sea or chlorine water attacks the hair, because it harms their natural protective film, so that they become dry and straw-like. In addition, the scalp produced by the summer loads more sebum and hair appear dull and dry quickly on approach greasy and toppings.

Optimal summer care for hair.

So that the hair does not look dull and neglected in the summer, they must be regularly with an extra dose of summer care in the form. It should shampoo, conditioner and select other styling products so that they return moisture to the hair. In addition, ingredients such as panthenol, keratin or nourishing oils, offset sun-related damage. It is important, especially after a day to thoroughly clean your hair with a mild shampoo summer. Even better suited are called clarifying shampoos that remove chlorine residues and residues of sunscreen from the hair. However, the hair should be washed only lukewarm, since hot water opens the cuticle of the hair and makes it look dull and lifeless. A final rinse with cold water, however, smoothes the hair structure and provides a natural sheen that can be enhanced through the addition of a splash of vinegar or citric acid. Once or twice a week should be used in addition in the summer a revitalizing that restores the hair care ingredients are important, so it stays healthy and vital. On styling with curling iron, hair dryer and flat iron, however, should be avoided in the summer, so as not to destroy the conditioning effect of shampoo, conditioner and Co. again the same. The same is true for colorants, especially as the sun fades the color and bleached hair also quickly become greenish water by chlorine.

Sunscreen also important for the hair.

Just like for the skin are also available for the hair care products with UV protection. They supply the hair not only with moisture, but also reduce the harmful effects of UV rays. It is even better to completely protect hair from the sun, for example, by an airy straw hat, a chic scarf or a cap would be. Especially for thin and fine hair, the head should be protected not only to protect the hair from direct sunlight since this should not be forgotten, the risk of sunstroke.