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In traffic summer heat

If the trip is interrupted in the summer by a traffic jam, suffer not only the nerves. Also for the health of the tourists is such a forced break a real burden. Adequate preparation is important and also for emergencies, there are tips to avert the potential dangers.

In summer trafficWith the right preparation to estimate the probability to encounter traffic significantly reduced. This must include information in good time on building sites and turn on the radio traffic before departure. On hot days, it is better not to risk. And even if the progress on country roads is cumbersome, they are in doubt the better choice, because stopping and pausing here is far easier than in a traffic jam on the highway. Among the most important things when traveling in the summer without air conditioning are:

  • Fan for the cigarette lighter
  • Enough water
  • Towels for the rear window
  • Fruits, glucose
  • Sun Protection
  • Mobile

Rides with vulnerable people in midsummer.

The more sensitive the rider, the more care is needed. A car without air conditioning can heat up dangerously in midsummer in traffic. Even at 15°C ambient temperature can be twice the temperature in the car when it is in the blazing sun. Correspondingly further increases the temperature in the car dangerous and can reach 60°C and more. This means for sensitive persons, children and pets death. In stationary traffic, it is theoretically possible to get out. Of this, however, security experts strongly advise. In slow-moving traffic wet towels to alleviate the effects of the heat. Towels can also be clamped in the rear window. You can help cool the interior of the vehicle. It is also advisable to take the first possible exit or go to the first parking lot and wait there until the jam.

The emergency in traffic.

There are several reasons why motorists may experience distress in a traffic jam. Once the impression that children or sensitive persons in the vehicle suffered serious an emergency should be discontinued. This is especially true when small children, persons with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or pregnant women in the car. Dogs should be taken out of the rear of the vehicle. They are there particularly exposed to extreme heat. Who is in the heat storage in the horsebox in emerging unrest in the van can also call the police. In the context of security attacks in such cases, the fire department and cools the trailer from the outside with water. Motorists should also have an understanding of motorcyclists that meander through the ram: they are exposed to in their heavy clothing, including helmet and proximity to the hot asphalt very high temperatures.