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In winter need extra care for hair

Dry heated air in the house and make tingling cold in the winter to provide not only the skin, but also damage the hair. In order to shine now with beautiful hair, these need a little extra care.

Care for hairMany believe that especially heat and sunlight damage the hair and dry. But especially in the summer when it’s warm, we sweat and sebaceous glands are working overtime, so that the hair remains moist and supple. In the winter wear against cold and dry air heating the hair its moisture. The consequences are brittle and lackluster hair. In addition, beanies, hats and caps provide a static charge, so that the hair stand on end and difficult to tame, let alone leave for bringing in a decent shape.

Hair care starts in winter already when washing.

Although a hot shower after a long day of skiing is tempting, but especially in winter, the hot water can damage the hair sustainable because it removes their natural protective film. As a result, dry your hair not only stronger, but they are also more prone to split ends. It is therefore better to wash your hair with lukewarm water and finally rinse with cold cast that closes the cuticle layer of the hair. In addition, a mild shampoo should be used in the winter months, which gives the hair a maximum moisture and care. Here nourishing oils and moisturizers such as panthenol are particularly important. In addition, you can safeguard your hair from further dehydration in which you primarily clean the scalp with the shampoo. Following the shampooing the hair may of course not be rubbed dry. It is better if you express your hair with a towel. During the subsequent blow drying especially the right distance from the hair dryer is crucial because if the hair is too hot, evaporates the water introduced with shampoo or rinse moisture and the hair structure is damaged. In order to better protect the hair where, they can use before drying a special heat or hydrating mask.

More styling tips care for hair in winter.

In addition to regular hair washing with mild shampoo, you can pamper your hair in winter additionally with conditioners that give them an extra dose of moisture and make it easier to comb. Once a week you should also take a critical reducing for hair. For flying, charged hair help special anti-static acting toiletries. And even in winter hat despite want to attract attention by hair or a plate hairstyle, can give his hair with soft care and styling products, it is necessary for elasticity and fullness.