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Increased blood fat levels – an alarm signal

Healthy over 30? Actually a self-intelligibility, when it comes of interviewed according to view young adult. And often it is the incidental finding, of the shows a very different picture. Meant are high blood fat levels values, which are detected not only in the higher years of life always more frequently.

Increased blood fat Basically, people need fat. He takes it in their diet, and when they consume too much of it, the weight increases, because fat is stored as a life-saving source of energy for a rainy day. That do not come sooner, the evolutionary young human organism can not know. Excess fat is unhealthy and causes damage to the organs. The detectable in the blood blood fats including cholesterol. It belongs to the group of steroids and is important for the construction of cell walls. Its structure is similar to fat. Here is an oversupply is unhealthy, it may promote atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is formed to a large extent in the liver and then converted into bile acid. A portion also travels through the blood to where it is needed. The excess of the liver takes up again. The liver is not in a position, either by a massive oversupply and/or a pathological disorder in the liver, cholesterol level rises in the blood.

Dangerous Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is essential to life, an oversupply but dangerous. Due to malnutrition such oversupply is not uncommon. The cholesterol then glued include the vessel walls, which are always less permeable so. A variety of dangerous consequences threatening if left unchecked early. This is recommended even if shows as part of the screening that the cholesterol level is too high. Patients in their parents already showed abnormalities in their blood fats are particularly at risk. An unhealthy lifestyle can also aggravate the problem.

Healthier living with low cholesterol.

Actually, the organism needs no cholesterol through diet. To give it up, but it is not easy. Patients with elevated blood lipid levels often find resigned that appears to contain all of the cholesterol that tastes good. This refers to next-fat meats and cheese, cream, but also ready meals and even salmon. The often-criticized egg may continue to be eaten. Overindulgence is not recommended. At the same time helps the consumption of foods that lower cholesterol levels. These mainly include fruits and vegetables. It is also important to reduce alcohol consumption and minimal smoke. Also for adequate exercise is to provide, for he who moves a lot, tend to be healthier and developed a better body for the things that promote the health.