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Increases regular wine consumption, life expectancy?

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew about the special abilities of the wine. They used it as strengthening, sleep and pain killers. And even with gastrointestinal problems or for disinfecting wounds wine was used thousands of years ago. But what makes this ancient beverage of people healing?

Wine consumptionChemically, wine there is to almost 90 percent water. In the last 10 percent hiding in addition to sugar, glycerin and various organic acids, alcohol, phytochemicals and essential minerals and trace elements. So one or two glasses of wine were already sufficient, for example, to meet the daily requirement of magnesium, potassium and iron. But wine not only helps balance all minerals, but also actively supports health. Lower regular wine consumption demonstrably the risk for cardiovascular disease, wine consumption has a positive effect on life expectancy. However, it is important the right amount. For women, about 10 g of alcohol, about 125 ml of wine, for men and 20 g of alcohol, 200 ml of wine per day than the quantity in which health benefits compared to a total abstinence. As with any other alcoholic beverage, excessive indulgence of course have serious, adverse health consequences.

Wine – more than just a beverage.

It is scientifically proven that moderate wine consumption significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here, the special effect of wine on the interaction of alcohol contained and the other ingredients such as polyphenols can be traced back. To inhibit polyphenols, which are mainly used in red wine, not only the cell aging, but counteract inflammation and improve the flow properties of blood. In addition, by regular consumption of wine reduced cholesterol levels, so that the overall risk of atherosclerosis and thus the risk of heart attack can be reduced. Besides wine but also supports the digestive system and purify the body because it stimulates the efferent urinary tract and kidneys. It also strengthens the immune system and contains antioxidants that make the cell-damaging free radicals harmless.