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Interrelation of stress and obesity?

Many know the situation: You hold a new diet for a few days, but then the old cravings breakthrough again, and often you weigh afterwards more than before. The common cause: Stress. But this relationship can break through, as shown by new studies.Stress and obesity

To lose weight often it is not enough to change the food. Today we know rather than the emotional situation plays a major role. Particular stress provoked binge eating, and makes it so hard to lose weight permanently. This also explains why most diets are doomed to fail. Slimming begins in the mind.

That also means – less stress less overweight, recently a research paper from the United States has confirmed. Women from poor areas who suffered from chronic stress, it was made possible through government support to move to wealthier areas. The environment in which there was less crime and unemployment, lead among women in a lower stress level. But not only that: After moving the preponderance of women dropped significantly. The declaration of the research: The lower stress made it possible to eat more healthily, and let the pounds fall.

Mindfulness exercises help in weight loss.

Realizing how close is the relationship between stress and eating behavior, taking hold also in the treatment of obesity. So the researcher with a group of 70 overweight people trained to better cope with their negative emotions. As therapy, counting on Mindfulness Trainings. The idea is to observe a situation worth free. The aim of the exercises was to find out what are the triggers for the stress and the excessive eating and then to look for other strategies.

There are also against certain cravings like ice cream, chocolate or greasy food which not suitable Mindfulness Trainings. The exercises can help themselves to their own needs not exposed to feel faint. The focus is not a quick weight loss, but the long-term decoupling of stressful situations, negative emotions and increased eating. The participants were able to control their emotional state significantly better and get a better deal with their negative feelings.“