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Knee pain can occur at any age

A false step or an unusual burden and the knee starts to hurt. Only then will you realize the importance of this joint and its proper function for the normal everyday life. This knee pain and other knee pain are not the same, because depending on the cause are very different ranges for the problems responsible.

Knee painAs the largest joint in the human body, the knee thigh and lower leg together. It is with ligaments, muscles, capsules, tendons and patellar also one of the most complicated constructed joints . As a hinge joint allows the bending and stretching the legs and thus the running, walking, squatting and sitting become possible. In addition, the knee can joint flexed position also rotates the femur on the tibia and slides back and forth. To make it work in three different planes of movement, which are often all required at the same time. Accordingly, it is prone to injury and wear. Therefore these are the most common causes of knee pain. In addition, the knee can also be pulled by a variety of other diseases. Thus, among other inflammations caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, can be other underlying conditions, such as gout and rheumatism, and it can be causes of persistent knee pain.

Persistent knee pain should be investigated medically.

Because the knee is one of the most important joints in the human body, here pain should be always seen as a warning signal and medical treatment. To diagnose this comes in addition to imaging examination procedures such as X-ray or ultrasound, the physical examination has particular importance. In addition, the type of knee pain (stabbing, pulling or pushing) and its occurrence (inside, outside, at rest or during exercise) provide information about possible causes. Sometimes, however, is also an arthroscopy, a reflection of the knee joint, it is necessary for determine the cause of the pain. Treatment by bandages depending on the cause of, whether protection and cooling or movement training. It can be supplemented by analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. If these measures are not sufficient, it is possible to operate or even replace it with an artificial prosthesis, the knee joint.