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Love protects health?

“Love is the best medicine” – this proverb is confirmed repeatedly by studies. Research shows: Who lives in a happy partnership, not only feels better, but also living longer.Love

Love inspires – most people, probably, have come to this conclusions in their lives. But who is in love, not only feels good. Love can also protect the health. Because the feeling of happiness, which are triggered by a happy love can, also bring relax, reduce depression and anxiety and even relieve pain. The American scientists demonstrated it in a test.

The researchers demonstrate, that pain at the sight of the loved one become less intense. The researchers recently studied 15 voluntary enamored couples. Scientists give a heat transfer module in the palm of subjects. Either they show them a photo of their partner. In the measurement of brain activity, it turned out that at the sight of her beloved partner the pain became less strongly. It turns out that intense love activates the same brain regions that using of drugs with goal to relieve pain, explained one of the study authors. When one thinks of the beloved, intensively activated the reward center in the brain. The same region that lights up when you take cocaine.

Happy marriage protects health.

And love seem is much more. Studies show that patients who have bypass surgery behind them survive longer if they are in a happy partnership. Especially on men a relationship has a positive effect. They suffer less frequently from heart attack or stroke if they are married. In case of women, this is only partially, namely only if the marriage is happy. Apparently, the emotional relationship is more important to them, while only the safety and well-regulated life of a marriage are already healthy for men.

Interestingly, the happiness felt by young lovers, can also be paused. Scientists have shown that long married people who describe themselves as still happily in love, have the same pattern of activity in the brain as newly in love. So dissolves even after more than 20 years the image of the happy partnership Partners in the reward system of the brain distinct activities.