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Mineral water: pure pleasure and healthy lifeblood

Bottled water, spring water, mineral water or medicinal water, that water is not just water, is at least clear the drinks shopping. Over 500 different mineral water available in USA. But when water is actually referred to as mineral water and where the many varieties differ?

Mineral waterEvery day our body requires 1.5 to 3 liters of fluid. An ideal thirst quencher is natural mineral water because it not only provides vital for our body fluid, but also many equally important minerals and trace elements. But not every water may be called natural mineral water. Only when certain limits for minerals and trace elements are complied with and the water is bottled directly at the source, it may be called mineral water. Only iron and sulfur may be removed or added carbon dioxide.

Which mineral water in which life situation?

To facilitate the choice between many bottled water they are divided according to their mineral content in different groups that can support the health differently. In addition to only slightly mineralized mineral waters there are for example:

  • Calcium-rich mineral water
  • Magnesium-rich mineral water
  • Sodium-rich mineral water

The dissolved minerals can be very well received and utilized by the human body. Depending on your personal situation in life is sodium-rich mineral water recommended in order to compensate the induced sweat sodium and fluid loss again for example for athletes. Calcium provides contrast for strong bones and magnesium strengthens the concentration and nerves. Basically, bottled water is also a matter of taste. Some people prefer only slightly mineralized, tasteless mineral water. In contrast, other loves the slightly salty taste, which results in a certain mineral content. Also in terms of carbon dioxide usually decide personal preferences between silent or highly sparkling mineral water. In any case, however, bottled water is a healthy and to completely calorie-free alternative to satisfy the daily fluid requirement.