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More and more people suffering from stress?

The Americans always feel stressed and many of them are at risk of burnout. However, as stress-inducing situations can not always go out of the way, it makes sense to work on their own dealing with stress.Stress

The term burnout is on everyone’s lips. But it’s more than a buzzword. Many people suffer from the total “burnout” and often it is a precursor to a genuine depression. Burn out or the sensation of being stressed out, can arise by time pressure and excessive demands, as well as by internal and external conflicts, or not getting enough recognition. How urgent the problem is, show various studies. Thus, according to a recent study the number of burn out cases increased since 2004 by nearly 1,400 percent.

The people feel bad in their lives and could not cope with increasing frequency in their work. By 2011, there was a representative survey and researchers come to the conclusion that about half of all employees is at work are under stress. The peaks in the stress levels were found in the hospitality industry (70 percent), closely followed by health and social workers (65 percent).

Stress coping strategies can help.

Well, not all stress feelings can be removed. But some stressors such as anger in traffic, can be prevented or managed more easily than others, such as deep-seated inner conflicts or relationship problems. In addition, you should note, that exhaustion and stress sensitivity also evidence of a more serious disease, like a depression. In such cases, definitely need a psychiatrist or psychotherapist and you should be consulted.

Nevertheless, there are ways to better deal with stress or not to allow it to come up in a harmful extent. Mindfulness exercises, yoga, qigong and other relaxation exercises can help to reduce the psychological and physical consequences of stress and make you more resistant to stress in the long run. Numerous studies now confirm the effects of meditation or yoga for stress-related diseases.