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Muscle cramps – What to do?

Sometimes already enough a small movement and it comes to a painful muscle spasm. The affected muscle is rock hard for seconds or minutes and can hardly move. It can occur at any time, not only muscle cramps after exercise or in the middle of the night.

Muscle crampsNormally, patients experience muscle cramps in the calf, and also thighs, soles of the feet. However, muscle cramps do not constitute a disease, but rather are symptom or warning of the body that something is wrong. Basically, there are of course a variety of triggers and reasons for a muscle spasm. Very frequently cause muscle spasm, because in the affected muscle short, there is a lack of minerals. Usually it involves a Magnesium deficiency due to overexertion or too little fluid intake. However, profuse sweating, caused by tight circulatory disorder. Using of drug or alcohol can cause usually harmless muscle cramps. However, only rarely another reason hide behind the disease painful cramps.

Prevent muscle cramps – how it works?

Although muscle spasms and stretching resolve quickly with massage of the affected muscle, there are some general tips that you can actively prevent unpleasant muscle cramps.

  • Regular exercise and stretching exercises targeted keep the muscles in old age. Sporty or re Beginners should start slowly because overloading can not only cause muscle cramps, but also painful muscles.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes guarantee the best blood supply to the muscles and thus help with muscle cramps prevention.
  • A balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps electrolyte equilibrium balance. Care should be taken primarily on a sufficient supply of magnesium.
  • Sudden change between hot and cold, like the jump into the icy water should be avoided, because the occurrence of muscle cramps is possible and can be fatal during swimming.