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Pollen in April – a serious burden

The symptoms come literally out of the blue nose is running, watering eyes, headache and body aches occur. What announces itself as a cold, is often a reaction to pollen flying. The allergy is there and does not remain rarely last for months until the pollen count is completed.

Pollen in AprilThe pollen begins in January with alder and hazel and ends in October with many grasses. Some of them are considered particularly aggressive, although emanating from them for healthy individuals usually no danger. feared and recorded with an upward trend are rapeseed and ambrosia as allergy occurrence. Pollen in  April-thet is high season, so allergy sufferers are affected in the worst case delivered all pollen types. Often there are allergies to several trees and grasses on together. It being understood that further aggravate allergies over the years, but can also run without symptoms. The weather has an effect: the more rain and cooler running spring, the better for allergy sufferers. Wind may enhance allergic symptoms, if pollen from plants are driven into your own living environment, there are usually not detectable.

What are the possibilities for people with allergies it?

Initially only applies to a serious allergic to alleviate the symptoms as quickly as possible. In addition to conventional medical treatment stakeholders are also many natural healing methods. To protect yourself permanently, but allergies should not only think about the therapy, but also take into account the additional allergy amplifier. Getting enough sleep, less stress in everyday life, careful handling of enjoyment toxins and preferably freshly prepared food can prevent a worsening of symptoms. Conventional medicine offers drugs that suppress the symptoms and thus make everyday life bearable. Naturopathy support with nasal irrigation, inhalation and plant, as well as homeopathic remedies.

Be ready soon enough.

Allergy sufferers who rely on a pollen calendar, to react too late. Depending on the region and weather conditions, the allergens can be significantly sooner or later detectable. It is therefore sensible to all year to adjust to the load and be aware of its periods of rest during the winter. The school also physical feeling. Awareness of one’s own health is the best early warning system. Year-round help change baths and sports in the fresh air, as long as the proceeds allergy symptoms. The evening shower washes pollen from skin and hair and makes it easier to sleep. For the windows are recommended pollen grid. Since children can develop allergies that preventive measures are also useful in households with children of allergic parents. A prolonged breastfeeding can delay the onset of allergies also.